BodyFX: An Alternative to CoolSculpting

BodyFX alternative to CoolSculpting

We all have those flabby spots, cellulite, and bulges that we just wish would disappear. No matter how much exercise and dieting we implement, they just never seem to completely vanish. And while sometimes these problem spots can be on areas that we can work out, like our legs, arms, and stomach, other times they can show up in places that no amount of exercise can fix.

It is because of these hard to target areas that many individuals, who are doing their best to look and feel healthy with regular exercise and a healthy diet, are opting for a BodyFX treatment to get them the last 10 yards over the finish line.

What Is BodyFX?

BodyFX is a machine that provides fat reduction, body contouring, and cellulite treatment. It is one of the newer fat reduction treatments on the market and it is rapidly growing in popularity due to the fact that it is a non-invasive procedure.

The BodyFX machine works by using a radio frequency to heat specific areas of the skin to a precise temperature. While the skin is being heated, the machine uses negative pressure to massage the skin with a vacuum-like effect. This combination of pressure and heat enables fat and cellulite reduction and contraction, as well as more effective body shaping and the ability to melt fat cells over the course of several treatments.

One of the most critical aspects of BodyFX that makes it more widely acceptable is the fact that it is non-invasive. This means that individuals looking for contouring do not have to deal with incisions or the healing process that follows. It is because of this non-invasive characteristic of BodyFX that many compare the technology to CoolSculpting. However, the two techniques are very different when examined more closely.

The Comparison: BodyFX Vs. CoolSculpting

At the most basic level, CoolSculpting is dissimilar from BodyFX because it is an older technology, using cold temperatures rather than heat to destroy fat cells. There have been mixed results from attempting to harness cold energy in this way and, in some cases, there have been adverse effects. The following provides some additional comparisons between the two fat cell reducing technologies:

  1. The Technology Used

With CoolSculpting, much more drastic temperatures are used. The procedure harnesses more extreme colds and combines this with a higher pressure that can often cause discomfort in patients. BodyFX, on the other hand, relies on heat that is warm—not hot—coupled with a vacuum sensation that can be felt by the patient, yet causes no pain, discomfort, or irritation.

  1. How The Technology Works

The science behind CoolSculpting relies on the crystallization of fat cells by introducing extreme cold to them. This then results in slow fat cell loss. Unfortunately, there are mixed results with this method and, in some cases, there have been negative side effects.

With BodyFX, as previously mentioned, heat is introduced to the fat cells via radio frequency. This then results in apoptotic cell death, destroying fat cells over time and for the long-term.

  1. Potential Side Effects

CoolSculpting, as mentioned above, has been known to cause several adverse effects. Patients, over the long-term and short-term, have complained of permanent depressions or visible step-offs in their skin, prolonged nerve discomfort, permanent skin damage, scars, and ulcerations.

BodyFX has been used extensively by health care professionals and has not caused any long-term complications or significant side effects to patients.

  1. Post Treatment Recovery

After a CoolSculpting treatment, patients must give themselves time to recover. In the more extreme cases, nerve pain can be long-lasting. In most cases, though, individuals should expect at least two weeks of numbness in the treatment area. There is the potential, however, for this numbness to last for up to six weeks.

Patients will likely also experience soreness, blanching, and redness for between two and seven days after the CoolSculpting treatment. Additionally, side effects like bloating can persist for up to a month, as well as several days of noticeable swelling and bruising.

None of these issues, nor any other complications, are part of the recovery process for BodyFX. In fact, there is no downtime following a treatment.

  1. Pricing

It can be difficult to get an estimate for a CoolSculpting session because most providers charge patients for every applicator that is used for the process. So while one patient may only need one applicator used for their stomach area treatment, another may need two.

With BodyFX, most providers will charge based on the area of the body that is being targeted, assigning a specific cost to the thighs, stomach, and so on. This offers a clear cost indication to any potential patient.

  1. Customization

Even though the pricing is more defined with BodyFX, this technology allows for more customization within a treatment than CoolSculpting. The latter is more about targeting fat cells to freeze them and kill them off. The former, BodyFX, allows patients to go above and beyond just fat reduction. Individuals can also request for cellulite to be targeted, as well as more specific contouring and shaping requests.

This customization in BodyFX is aided by the fact that the treatment is very hands-on. The professional is present at all times during the appointment to ensure safety. Additionally, the patient can actively provide feedback so that the treatment can be adjusted in real-time.

Alternatively, with CoolSculpting the treating professional does not attend the full session, removing the opportunity for any customization, interaction, or changes during the treatment.

  1. Treatment Intervals

Initially, more treatments are required for BodyFX. Usually, practitioners will suggest that patients come in for a treatment each week for eight weeks. However, the treatments are very brief, lasting between 15 and 30 minutes.

With CoolSculpting, every application site must undergo between one and two treatments. These treatments are more time intensive, lasting about an hour each.

CoolSculpting requires much more maintenance than BodyFX. While both procedures require follow-up treatments, as fat cells are more effectively killed over the course of several sessions, CoolSculpting must be maintained every two to four months with a new session. Therefore, in some cases, patients will have just recovered from their last treatment when they are preparing to attend a follow-up.

When it comes to BodyFX, maintenance is less frequent. Each single maintenance session can be done as few as three times a year. This is significantly less inconvenient, in terms of both time and the fact that no recovery time is needed.

  1. The Results

With CoolSculpting the result can be fat cell reduction. With BodyFX, the results are much broader. Patients will notice a tightening of skin. With CoolSculpting there is no skin tightening and, in some cases, the skin can become looser.

Additionally, BodyFX has been seen to improve the appearance of cellulite, which is not the case with CoolSculpting. Finally, the end result of BodyFX is smooth, offering a youthful and healthy look. With CoolSculpting, as mentioned above, there is the possibility of unevenness and step-offs in the skin’s appearance.

The results are not only more comprehensive with BodyFX, you will also see them faster. With CoolSculpting, it can take three to four months for patients to notice results.

With BodyFX, on the other hand, patients will start seeing results as soon as six weeks into treatment. A more final result of the treatment will be seen between two and four months after initiation and often continues to slowly improve through the six month mark.

What To Expect From The BodyFX Treatment

While the information above will give any potential patient some insight into BodyFX and whether it is right for them, it does not necessarily provide them with a clear picture of what they will experience in a treatment session. An actual BodyFX treatment is roughly 20 minutes of the machine directed on an area that is about six inches by six inches.

Over the course of the 20 minutes, the machine sends out a continuous radio frequency that creates and maintains a target heat. This heats up the tissue and the fat under the tissue, causing it to contract. When the desired temperature is reached, a pulse of energy is released and it is this pulse that kills the fat cells and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

The heat from the machine also helps to stimulate collagen, which is what helps to tighten the skin. Finally, the vacuum, in combination with the pulsing energy, provides the body contouring benefit over the course of the treatment.

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Fat reduction is a battle that almost everyone fights. But it is the problem spots that often need a little extra tender, loving care. This is where fat cell reduction treatments come in. And now, with more non-invasive options available, fat and cellulite reduction are easier than ever before.

To find out more about how the BodyFX treatment can assist with eliminating fat cells in hard to target fatty areas, please schedule a consultation today. Find A Better You offers BodyFX by Inmode and we are more than happy to provide you with all of the details of how the treatment works, what you can expect, pricing, and much more.

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