Find A Better You

Dr. Keelin Russel Ph.D


PhD Anthropology from University of Iowa
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutrition / Sports Nutrition Coach
JrFit Youth Fitness and Nurtrition Specialist

Although approaches to health and wellness vary for each person, I value certain principles as the foundation for my philosophies:

  1. People need personalized solutions for their health as we are all not cookie cutter versions of each other.
  2. They need to be educated on how to eat high quality and nutrient dense foods to achieve a healthy relationship with food instead of being assigned into blanket diet programs and becoming over reliant on supplements.
  3. Each person deserves to be listened to with no judgment and with compassion so that together we can create the most productive plan to achieve success in his or her health and wellness journey.
  4. Health and wellness is not just achieve though proper eating; balance in one’s life includes happiness in fitness, social relationships, and self-care, combining a scientific approach to health as well as valuing the mind-body-spirit aspect of well being.

Who Can I Help With Health And Wellness Goals:

  1. People seeking diet and lifestyle changes needing direction and guidance.
  2. If those people are having difficulty: losing weight, suffering from digestive challenges, and wanting to improve their energy.
  3. People wanting to improve their fitness levels but wanting a trainer who will not only push them to succeed but will do it in the most effective manner based on thoroughly developed programs that consider physical imbalances, injury prevention, and proper core training.
  4. People wanting clarity on all the information put out into society on health and wellness what approach fits their lifestyle the best.

How Do We Begin:

Contact me to schedule a complementary 45 minute consultation during which you have the opportunity to discuss your health goals. From here; we can discuss which of my services are the best match for you at, (636) 205-4070