Benefits of A Fat Transfer

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Find a Better You is committed to providing patients in the greater St. Louis area with high-quality fat transfer, liposuction and meal-planning services. Perhaps you’re in need of a breast enhancement, or you are looking to have a Brazilian butt lift procedure. Maybe you’re fed up with all the diets that you’ve tried and you’re looking to make an overall lifestyle change. Find a Better You is here to help you achieve those goals so you can look and feel your absolute best. To find out more about our services and how we can serve you, contact Find A Better You today.

While we perform many services and procedures here at Find a Better You, one of the most transformative is the fat transfer services. While many people have had this procedure performed, some are uncertain about what the many benefits of the process are. With this in mind, we will better examine some of these benefits in this post, in order to help you better understand a few of the positives that come with undergoing a fat transfer.

No Allergic Reactions

While there are many different methods of removing and/or replacing fat in your body, a fat transfer is the most natural way to do so. Some patients can have an allergic reaction to dermal fillers, regardless of whether they synthetic or natural in origin. Fillers not only makes the process more costly and inconvenient, but they also don’t work as well as your own fat. When you have a fat transfer done, the fat is being transferred from your own body. Because of this, the likelihood of you having an allergic reaction to it is low, since it simply being relocated from one section of your body to another.

Long-Term Results

Another benefit of having a fat transfer procedure comes in the form of the results. One of the best things about having a fat transfer procedure is that it has a tendency to last longer than procedures that use synthetic fillers. This means that, among many other things, you will only have to have the procedure performed once. While occasional touch ups may be necessary, the procedure is known to have a high success rate in terms of providing patients with long-term results.

Look And Feel Great

At the end of the day, the purpose of a fat transfer is to help you be happier. By removing fat from an area of your body where this is an excess and re-assigning it to an area in need of fat, you are not only removing something from your body that you don’t want, you are using it to make an additional improvement to your body as well. While this comes with a wide variety of benefits in and of itself, at the end of the day, you are providing yourself with an overall boost of positivity in relation to how you look and feel. Feeling more comfortable and confident with your body is not always an easy thing to achieve, but by having a fat transfer procedure done, you will very likely feel better about your physical appearance.

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Those are just a few benefits that you can expect from having a fat transfer done at Find a Better You. Whether you’re in need of a fat transfer, liposuction, meal-planning services, or another way to improve the way you look or feel, Find a Better you is here to help you improve your life and make you both look and feel the best you’ve ever felt. To find out more information about our St. Louis fat transfer services, contact Find a Better You today.