PRP Injections

What Are PRP Injections?

Your body is amazing, and so is your blood. Your body actually creates PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), that heals itself everyday. With that said; when your body becomes injured, a natural healing process occurs to repair the damaged tissue. After that, your body signals platelets and other components in your blood supply to migrate to the site of the injury.  While under normal conditions, these platelets release a variety of factors that initiate and eventually promote healing. And it kind of means with PRP injections, you can be like Wolverine.

New advances have been developed to harness and concentrate these platelets to be precisely introduced to the treatment site in an injectable form. With the implantation of these platelets from a small amount of the patients blood has the potential to "supercharge" the body's capacity for healing and tissue regeneration. 

PRP blood tube

What's The Benefit of PRP?

PRP can reduce healing times up to 50%! That may eliminate the need for more aggressive treatments.

Where Can You Use PRP?

PRP injections can be performed in: muscles, tendons, and ligaments all over your body. Another great way to take advantage of PRP is in hair loss; by inserting PRP into your scalp, can promote hair growth! Some examples of PRP injections include: muscle strains, ligament sprains, arthritis, chronic tendinopathy, and of course hair loss.

How many Injections?

While responses to treatment vary depending upon the issue, most people will require a series of 1 to 3 injections. Each of those injections will be spaced several weeks, to a few months apart. There is no limit to the number of treatments you can undergo.

“Dr. Sturm and staff are fantastic. True professional of his craft. Day 3 after my PRP injection and my pain was gone. My accident was 9 months prior and I had daily pain in my left shoulder keeping me from normal activities and really effected my sleep. Now I am back to full workouts and sleeping 100% better. I am a firm believer in PRP” -Amos

Whats next?

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