Best St Peters Raw Honey Yogurt Oatmeal Facials

Raw Honey Yogurt Oatmeal Facials

$75 for 50 min

Oatmeal is suitable for all skin types, and even for the most sensitive skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It can help draw excess oils from skin surface, soothing irritation and epidermal anxiety. Oatmeal will help your skin stay young and smooth. The anti-inflammatory properties in the grains make it suitable for sensitive skin.

Our facial mask helps to treat dry skin and gets rid of dead skin cells and blackheads. Yogurt contains lactic acid which gently exfoliates dead skin cells and brightens the complexion. It also contains probiotics, great for healing blemishes. The honey naturally hydrates the skin and is rich in antioxidants and has antimicrobial properties.

Yogurt also contains a good deal of moisturizing good-for-you fats, calcium and magnesium, to help soothe and speed the healing of broken or burnt skin. It is a rich source of anti-aging and skin-softening alpha hydroxy acids. Yogurt is packed with acne-fighting zinc and enzymes, which have important blemish-busting benefits that can improve the appearance of pimple-prone skin. Raw honey can help balance the bacteria on your skin, which is an amazing product to use for acne.


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