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Winter Skin Survival Guide by Epionce

Winter Skin Survival Guide: 4 Tips

Winter Skin Survival Guide

It's almost that time of year...winter. Have you started to feel your skin getting dry? I know that I have on those colder days. It's time to change up your skin care routine, and here's our winter skin survival guide 4 tips for you!

Tip #1: Hydrate Facial Skin Every Day

Relieve dry, flaky facial skin by applying Intensive Nourishing Cream 1-3 times daily to clean skin. It contains the maximum levels of active ingredients to keep skin in balance while fighting the visible appearance of skin aging. Ideal for all skin types, including oily and problem skin.
Intensive Nourishing Cream - Winters Skin Guide

Tip #2: Don't Neglect the Skin on your Body

The skin on your body and extremities needs daily attention too! Apply a generous layer of Renewal Calming Cream to the skin to hydrate and soothe rough, dry patches. Avoid hot showers, as this can aggravate skin that is already dry from the winter weather conditions.

Renewal Calming Cream - Winter Skin Survival Guide

Tip #3: Calm and Soothe Visible Redness

Apply Enriched Firming Mask to the face at least once a week to boost hydration and calm visible redness and irritation caused by the outdoor elements. This mask contains a blend of key lipids and botanical extracts formulated to rejuvenate the skin. For extra hydration, leave mask on your skin overnight.

Enriched Firming Mask - Winter Skin Survival Guide

Tip #4: Boost Moisture Levels

Formulated with a concentrated blend of powerful humectants, Balancing Toner provides a moisture boost to the skin, plus removes any traces of impurities or makeup. Spritz onto clean skin prior to application of a Renewal product. Ideal for both face and body

Balancing Toner - Winter Skin Survival Guide

Now that you have our winter skin survival guide, it's time to order these Epionce products. When you buy on the Epionce website; make sure to put in our code: 20180305 when you sign up in the professionals code section. When you do this; enjoy FREE standard ground shipping when using our code, and receive extra perks including Epionce samples. Have any skin care questions? Call Find A Better You Med Spa at: (636) 205-4070

Men’s Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Men’s Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal for Men

A lot of men are not comfortable with hair on their body and facial hair. Shaving everyday wastes countless hours and money. It’s often assumed that women are the main clients for hair removal. However, a sizable percentage of our hair removal clients are men.

Popular Areas to get Laser Hair Removal

Most men who get Laser Hair Removal get it done in the areas of: the chest, back, face, and neck. Laser Hair Removal has two main advantages for men. First, it permanently removes unwanted hair from anywhere on the body. And secondly, allows men to have minimal upkeep that leads to more time enjoying life.

Why Most Men get Hair Removal

Of course there are some niche markets, such as bodybuilders, swimmers, or cyclists are well aware of the advantages of hair removal on the body and limbs. We are here to tell you that all men are able to take advantage of this amazing technique called Laser Hair Removal to anyone who is uncomfortable with excess body hair.

Body Hygiene

A very special benefit of Laser Hair Removal is the lack of body odor compared to when you have hair. Hairy chests, backs, legs, and even buttocks are perfectly acceptable to many, but associated with less desirable connotations by others. Heavy body hair will trap moisture, and can increase skin irritation and general itchiness in the heat.

Additional Benefits

An added benefit is the solution for those that suffer the irritation and even infections that can accompany the ingrown hairs that are often the result of shaving. Those with especially sensitive skin will also benefit from laser hair removal. Laser Hair Removal effectively prevents hair follicles from growing new hairs, and completely eliminates the need to shave, wax, or apply caustic chemicals to remove hair growth.

Why Get Laser Hair Removal?

First and foremost Laser hair removal is an effective way to achieve long-term hair removal; it offers a very low-maintenance way to achieve a well-groomed look for the face and neck. Additionally allows long-term hair removal from other parts of the body or limbs. One of the best benefits is that you can remove hair from your body that might be quite difficult to effectively shave with a razor. Men that shave their heads but suffer from cuts or irritations from razors; Laser Hair Removal is a very attractive alternate to shaving.

Your New Hair Removal Spot

We are very experienced with Laser Hair Removal, along with a host of other non-invasive cosmetic procedures. We can give advice on the most effective way to remove hair, and answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure. Call us at (636) 205-4070 to schedule a free consultation or visit our Laser Hair Removal page or even our Men’s Med Spa page for more info.

Top 10 Myths about Laser Hair Removal

Top 10 Myths about Laser Hair Removal

Top Myths about Laser Hair Removal

There are many myths about laser hair removal. Have you ever heard "doesn't laser hair removal hurt?" or even "Isn't laser hair removal the same price as a car?". Here we will debunk those myths and tell you the truth about this amazing treatment so you won't have to waste your time and money on other hair removal or reduction methods like shaving and waxing. With that said here's the top 10 myths on the internet about laser hair removal:

Myth #1: Laser Hair Removal causes hair to grow more dense and frequent.

Truth: Laser hair removal doesn’t cause the hair to grow denser or more frequent; it does the exact opposite. Our Candela laser targets the hair growth cycle's 4 stages, and hair becomes weaker and thinner after each treatment.

Myth #2: Laser Hair Removal is not safe.

Truth: Laser treatments have been around for decades now and are infinitely safer than they were many years ago. Our lasers target the hair follicles and nothing else. With a certified technician your should be completely safe. At Find a Better You we only use the safest and most effective equipment, operated by our highly trained staff.

Myth #3: Laser Hair Removal exposes you to radiation.

Truth: While there are small amounts of radiation in between the light barriers of the laser, it does not exit that space and is in no way harmful to the recipient of laser hair removal.

Myth #4: You can get Permanent Hair Removal in just one sitting or session.

Truth: Unfortunately laser hair removal takes around 6-8 sessions to properly stay away. This is because each time you get a treatment, the laser removes the follicles deeper and makes its hard to come back.

Myth #5: Laser Hair Removal causes burns.

Truth: When done by a certified technician, your skin should never get burned. The laser targets your hair follicles and not your skin. Our Candela laser is an FDA approved laser that is extremely safe.

Myth #6: Laser Hair Removal is Very Painful.

Truth: Laser hair removal is not painful, you can feel a little discomfort but we also have numbing cream if needed. After you get laser hair removal, there is no pain. We use a specialized system to minimize any discomfort of the procedure. Micro bursts of cryogen are sprayed on the targeted area just milliseconds before the laser fires. This protects the surrounding cells thereby preventing much of the pain in the first place as well as minimizing post treatment redness.

Myth #7: Laser Hair Removal is too Expensive for me.

Truth: This may be true at other companies but it is very affordable at Find A Better You Med Spa. It is estimated that a person spends over $10,000 on razors in their lifetime, where as with our med spa you can get 6 treatments for as little as $300. Check out the prices and areas here.

Myth #8: Laser Hair Removal is only for Women.

Truth: A common misconception is that only women get laser hair removal. Men get laser hair removal all the time and benefit from the treatment greatly. We have a many treatments geared towards men and includes LHR in our Men's Med Spa page

Myth #9: Only certain skin colors can get Laser Hair Removal.

Truth: This was once true years ago, but our Candela laser uses the Fitzpatrick scale that can work on any skin color and tone. 

Myth #10: Laser Hair Removal doesn't work on certain hair colors.

Truth: Everyone's hair is different, but with our certified laser technicians; we can tackle any hair color.

Where can I get Laser Hair Removal near me and Cheap?

Now that we have debunked the myths about Laser Hair Removal, it's time to learn the facts. Find A Better You Med Spa located in St. Peters, Missouri is a great Medical Spa that offers top notch quality for a fraction of the cost you expect. Schedule a consultation today or call at: (636) 205-4070

Why do People Overpay for Laser Hair Removal?

Why do People Overpay for Laser Hair Removal & other Services?

Why Do People Overpay for Laser Hair Removal & Other MedSpa Services?

When you think of a Medical Spa you usually do not hear about the: lower quality, lesser equipment value than their high-priced counterparts. But in fact, most medical spas have identical equipment and products to their more expensive versions. Most of the time, the difference comes down to strategies in marketing and not the equipment or products themselves.

The Brand Name

People buy brand named services for a variety of reasons. From having good experiences with the brand in the past, to wanting to portray a certain image, many shoppers are extremely loyal to their beloved brands.

People normally don’t pay more for the name or logo; they pay more for what they associate with them.

Behind the Scenes

Larger companies spend a lot of money telling us their brand is the best, and that we should spend our cash on their services and products because it will make us more: successful, more attractive or happier in some way or another. It's called branding, and it's a way of tying our money to our feelings about a given product.

Branding is an art-form that companies spend millions to study. With careful and clever advertising, consumers can be lured into paying ridiculously high prices for a certain product that cost nothing to produce. Companies will offer 40-70% the overpriced services to get you in the door. Most of the time, the difference comes down to strategies in marketing and not the services or products themselves.


As a consumer, brand name is expensive. However, many of us will gladly pay extra for the brand name. Knowing when it’s worth it really comes down to personal choices. So before you shell out another dollar of your hard earned cash, think about what are you paying for; the brand or the service? The Price Difference – Obviously, a $2 difference isn’t the same as $500, but do you actually know how much the alternatives cost? It is a lot more than you think.

Greedy Companies

Either way, it's about separating you from your cash. So the question becomes whether or not you want to give them a lot of moneyor less money, for the same services and/or products.

With all of this said we find that clients are coming to us after having consultations at the big brand name laser hair removal companies. Most are telling us they were quoted thousands of dollars to have laser hair removal.

Can You Spot the Difference? Laser Hair Removal Prices Ideal Image - Find A Better You Med Spa

Why is our Medical Spa Different?

We have the same laser as Milan and Ideal Image, the GentleMax Pro laser from Candela. As we tell our clients we are not here to price gouge you, you’re not buying a car or putting money down on an apartment.

At our Medical Spa, we are just here to charge you for the service. You do not need to take out financing for laser hair removal. That’s crazy.

We have a physician on the property at all times (in the building), you have the right to speak to him at any time during your visits.

We have been certified and trained by the companies: Candela and Inmode.

Laser Technician Certifications

If you have not been professional trained you should not be operating a laser.

The sad part is that there are medical spas operating with untrained staff; they have been shown by another staff member how to work the laser. Then they print off a certification. Yes, this happens more than you think after interviewing several aestheticians I was surprised.

In Conclusion

We are not here to tell you that we are better. We are not here to tell you Milan or Ideal Image are bad companies, please do not take this out of context. This just explains why people overpay for laser hair removal than they need too.

We are here to educate you. Please STOP and think about taking financial loans out for laser hair removal. You should never need to be numbed to have this treatment done ever!!

Schedule a Consultaion at Find A Better You Medical Spa

Do your homework before signing thousands of dollars away. If you are curious on what our prices are; go to our Laser Hair Removal page. Also you can schedule a consultation with us or give us a call at: (636) 205-4070

Excessive Hair Growth in Women and How to Treat

Excessive Hair Growth in Women

Excessive Hair Growth in Women - How to Treat

Are you Dealing with Unwanted & Excessive Hair?

No woman likes to admit having facial hair, but it's one of the most common aesthetic complaints in beauty. 

The Problem - Hirsutism

Unwanted facial hair, known as hirsutism, and it affects millions of women of all ages. Approximately 10% of women in the U.S. with some degree of hirsutism on a daily. The most common areas are the: upper lip, neck, chin and bikini line.

The Options

Some medication can slow the growth of the hair; it does not always stop it. Shaving will give you relief for a couple of days. Waxing, sugar scrubs, and tweezing may keep the hair away for a week or a month.

Some studies have shown that herbal supplements such as myo-inositol, flaxseed and spearmint have anti-androgenic affects. Sipping two cups of spearmint tea daily may also significantly slow your growth. Lavender oil and tea tree oil, when applied topically, may also reduce milder hirsutism cases. Fennel gel was found to decrease hair thickness in cases of excessive body hair. Exercising, regardless of your weight, will also help balance your hormonal levels. Exercising can be therapeutic, way to relieve stress and relax.

Some women as they age development of a lot of dark hair on the chin or beard area may signal a hormone imbalance. But these methods are temporary and they may cause ingrown hairs, especially with removing thick, curly hairs. While hirsutism may be a personal embarrassment to you, there are means to managing it and getting rid of it completely. More professional methods include laser hair removal.

The Solution - Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has shown to be extremely helpful in our clients with excessive hair growth in women. Some notice a difference in just one treatment. Which can help with the scarring and ingrown hairs, making your face soft and smooth again.

Words from Some of our Clients

"I can feel my skin again."

"It doesn't hurt to touch my chin."

"I can't believe the difference."

"My skin is soft again, even the scars have improved."

Find A Better You would be more than happy to help you love your skin again. Learn more about Laser Hair Removal. Schedule a consultation on our contact page or give us a call at (636) 205-4070.

69 Sugar Aliases Food Manufactures Use to Hide It from You

69 Sugar Aliases Food Manufactures Use to Hide It from You

69 Sugar Aliases Food Manufactures Use to Hide It from You

Okay so you just got, or are thinking of getting a body contouring procedure done, what’s next? We at Find A Better You are dedicated to keeping you looking your best for years to come. Our health and wellness plan will guide you not just to a diet plan but a lifestyle change. With that being said there is a lot of products that include sugar aliases without using the word sugar. The Duke University Medical Center’s Lifestyle Medicine Clinic says to avoid food items where sugar (or any form of starch) is listed in the first 5 ingredients.


Agave Nectar


Barbados Sugar
Barley Malt
Beet Sugar
Brown Rice Syrup
Brown Sugar
Buttered Syrup


Cane Crystals
Cane Juice
Cane Sugar
Cane Syrup
Carob Syrup
Castor Sugar
Confectioner’s Sugar
Corn Sweetener
Corn Syrup
Corn Syrup Solids
Crystalline Fructose


Date Sugar
Dehydrated Cane Juice
Demerara Sugar
Diastatic Malt


Ethyl Maltol
Evaporated Cane Juice


Free Flowing Brown Sugars
Fruit Juices
Fruit Juice Concentrates


Glucose Solids
Golden Sugar
Golden Syrup
Granulated Sugar
Grape Sugar


High Fructose Corn Syrup or HFCS

Hydrolyzed Starch


Icing Sugar
Invert Sugar




Malt Syrup
Maple Syrup


Palm Syrup
Powder Sugar


Raw Sugar
Refiner’s Syrup
Rice Syrup


Sorghum Syrup


Table Sugar
Turinado Sugar


Yellow Sugar

Check out our Health Planning page to take charge of you your health!

*References: Duke University Medical Center Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, The Health Sciences Academy, The Obesity Code.

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Find A Better You Initial Consultation

When you first arrive we will have you fill out some paperwork. After that, you will discuss your expectations with our patient coordinators so we can make sure everyone is on the same page. At this visit, photographs will be taken by one of our trained Medical Assistants/ patient coordinators.

Everything will be presented to Dr. James Sturm before he enters the room. He will do his exam and discuss all the options with you.

After your exam, you will return to the consultation room to watch an informational video describing that procedure. If it's Laser Hair Removal we will do a test spot before the video. Also, you will have the opportunity to discuss financing options with our patient coordinator.
Our patient coordinators have been completely trained to answer all your questions as well.
Jodie has also received the nurses training by Dr. Jeffrey Klein the inventor of tumescent technique and most of all the same training as Dr. Sturm.

You may ask why this is so important; some offices have laser technicians but when they went to school they may have trained on other lasers however not necessarily the one they are using on you. We want you to rest assure that our laser technicians have been completely trained and certified on our lasers. Dr. James Sturm is ALWAYS in the office. 

It is our goal to make you as comfortable as possible. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at (636) 205-4070.

Holiday Spice…And Everything Nice

Holiday Spice…And Everything Nice

Holiday Spice…And Everything Nice

Fall is finally here you guys...one of my favorite seasons! Autumnal foliage and smell of fresh clean air, warm apple pies with ice cream, outdoor fires, s’mores and pumpkins. We return to leggings and boots. It makes my heart happy; I enjoy walking into stores and seeing the holiday decorations. 

All the instant pot stews and recipes in posts on social media early in the fall season. (One attached below) Also the pumpkins spice everything. Yes, they have over done it I think but some people love it. I don’t mind somethings pumpkins spice but come on spam really?

My Top Four Reasons why I think everyone should embrace fall and my beloved orange pumpkin friend.

1. Better skin.  Spending less time in the sun in the fall means less damage to the skin, even though we’d love to think everyone used sun screen (not). Your skin starts getting a break, while you are tasked with addressing all the questionable sun choices you made over the summer, we are here to help correct that problem.

2. Holiday’s. The arrival of fall means that the holidays are right around the corner. Now is a great time to get your ducks in a row for the holiday season. This starts by taking care of you and your skin. You want to look great for all the parties and gatherings right?

3. Pumpkin. Yes, I’m bringing up pumpkin again. It is so good for the skin. Its enzymes gently exfoliate skin and increase cell turnover, while its seed oil is a major moisturizer. It shouldn’t be relegated to fall; it should be beloved and used by skin care all year long. Call today for your Pumpkin Facial only available during the holiday season.

4. Fall fashion. As soon as it is unveiled, fall fashion inspires us all to step up our style game. It also stirs up new color palettes and beauty trends and brings up are spirits again.

I hope this inspires everyone to fall in love with fall. May your autumn season be filled with family, friends, festivity, fortune, holiday spice and everything nice? Make sure to take care of your skin with our Epionce products.

Decadent Hot Chocolate

Decadent Hot Chocolate

Creamy, rich, and decadent slow cooker hot chocolate made in the crockpot!


    6 cups whole milk (1% or 2% are OK)

    2 cups heavy cream

    1/2 cup granulated sugar

    8 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, coarsely chopped

    1/4 cup unsweetened natural or Dutch-process cocoa powder

    2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

    toppings: marshmallows, chocolate candies, candy canes, chocolate syrup, salted caramel, etc


    Place all of the ingredients into a large slow cooker.

     Vigorously whisk to get the cocoa powder as mixed in as possible– you don’t want it all floating on the top. Keep whisking for a minute or 2 until it’s all combined.

    Cook on low for 6 hours or on high for 4 hours. Make sure you whisk it every 45 minutes – 1 hour to make sure the chocolate isn’t burning on the bottom.

    Serve warm with marshmallows or other optional toppings. Store leftovers in the refrigerator and warm up on the stove or in the microwave.

The Magic of Microneedling

The Magic of Microneedling; What It Can Do For You


You’ve seen all of these celebrities on social media and television shows getting there face stabbed by a bunch of tiny needles. And I know exactly what you’re thinking...Why in the world would anyone want to do that? Well it turns out there are actually a whole lot of benefits that come from these needles, microneedling.

So what exactly is Microneedling?

The technique of microneedling involves a number of sterile needles piercing the skin simultaneously to create micro injuries to the skin’s epidermis or dermis layers. These micro injuries help the skin create more collagen where collagen production has been lost. So, a good way to think about microneedling is like aerating your lawn. You create holes in order for watering and fertilizing to be more effective. When talking about skin, watering would be moisturizing and fertilizing would be your vitamins and serums.


How does microneedling help your skin? 

As you age your skin has a harder time creating the essential proteins that it needs to stay bouncy and healthy. Creating a series of small punctures, or micro injuries, causes a rapid production of collagen and elastin. This is just your skin's way of healing these puncture sites rapidly. And even though it doesn’t take very long for these injuries to heal, these areas will continue its rapid collagen production for several months!

Are there any risks? 

Just like any skin treatment, there are some risks to microneedling. Swelling, discomfort, redness, and infection can occur if you have sensitive skin. There is also a possibility of keloid scarring if you have a history of keloids in the past. Just make sure you speak with a physician and find the right spa for you before having microneedling done.

What are the benefits? 

Microneedling has plenty of benefits depending on how you use the technique. Did you know you can also use PRP for hair regrowth? As a result, it can actually bring your hair follicles back to life! You can also add vitamin serums and other topicals to microneedling treatments to help acne, acne scars, and stretch marks. This works better than all of those “miracle creams” for stretch marks and scars because the average topical only penetrates the skin about 30%. The small punctures help products and serums to penetrate up to 80% and get all the way to the dermis layer of the skin getting you better results.

Some other things microneedling is great for are:

  • Wrinkles
  • Skin pigmentation/age spots/sun spots
  • Rosacea
  • Skin laxity
  • Skin texture

We gave away the secret of microneedling. We had to, it's just such a great magic trick. So; if your interested in microneedling, give us a call at (636) 205-4070 or schedule a consultation!

Adding CBD To Your Skincare Routine

Adding CBD To Your Skincare Routine

CBD Oil for your skin

Lately there has been an absolute uproar of CBD and other cannabis products in every market imaginable. According to studies and doctors and your local retail worker, it seems it is the new miracle medicine for any ailment you could possible have. And if that’s the case; couldn’t you also argue that it could also help problems like acne and wrinkles?

Well; actually yes. CBD has many anti-inflammatory properties which can help with: joint pain, muscle pain, stomach issues, and so much more. But one thing people don’t really think about is that acne is in fact considered an inflammatory condition. CBD and it’s soothing powers have been known to help acne ridden skin, and even reduce rosacea and dark spots. Recent studies are even showing that CBD can also decrease the amount of oils made in your skin. Which can help prevent future acne breakouts.

More Than Just CBD?
But that’s not all it is good for. As it turns out; it is a powerful antioxidant, even more so than Vitamin C and E! When applied to the skin it can actually counteract free-radicals, which are elements that can damage your skin’s DNA causing skin to age and wrinkle faster. By adding this right antioxidant to your skin you can reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles over time and slow down the aging process of your skin.

It’s already well known that an antioxidant rich diet can reduce inflammation overall and prevent cellular damage. So adding a daily dose of CBD to your diet and skincare regimen seems like a good idea. This definitely is not a replacement for your skincare routine, and should not be used as a supplement for other vitamins your body needs. But maybe try adding it to your coffee, use a CBD anti-aging cream, or replace your daily serum every once in a while; and see how this amazing cannabinoid works for you! If you have any other questions about cannabinoid or where the best place to get it is; give us a call at (636) 205-4070