LGBT Community — Alternatives for Changing Your Body Appearance

LGBT Community -- Alternatives for Changing Your Body Appearance

LGBT alternatives for body changes

There are many challenges to those individuals identifying as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender (LGBT). There are the social stigmas and other factors that may impact everyday life for those identifying with these “labels”. Another issue they face is the desire to change the way their body looks and feels to more closely resemble how they identify.

Reducing Fat in Certain Areas

Some lesbians and transgender women-to-men have a strong desire to reduce fat in certain areas so that they don’t look as feminine. These areas include the breasts, hips, buttocks, thighs and more.

One major area of concern for them is the size and appearance of their breasts. To minimize their breasts, they may resort to “binding”, which refers to various methods used to flatten breast tissue to create a flatter looking chest.

Some materials that individuals have used for binding are not safe. For example, using some household materials like duct tape and adhesive wraps can be harmful. These materials don’t move with the body and can restrict breathing and cause injury.

Some of the most popular binding methods include:

  • Layering shirts
  • Control-top pantyhose
  • Sports bras
  • Compression shirts
  • Binders designed specifically for FTM/N binding

Of course, these methods are all temporary and reflect an outward appearance only when the apparel items are used. There are other more permanent options for fat reduction that are minimally or non-invasive and can be accomplished without major surgery and downtime.

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Fat Transfer

On the other side of the coin are the transgender men-to-women individuals who want their bodies to more closely resemble that of a woman. Some may opt to use hormones to help change their bodies, but the results can be less effective than desired.

Cosmetic surgery procedures are available that may be more beneficial in enhancing the body for a more feminine appearance. These procedures can suction fat from one area of the body (abdomen, love handles) and implant it in more desirable areas like the hips, breasts or buttocks.

Minimally Invasive Procedures for Fat Reduction

There are some effective treatments used for fat reduction that are minimally invasive with less complications and downtime than major plastic surgery.


Liposuction is a well-known procedure in which fatty tissue is removed from the body via suction. It is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat that you can’t seem to get rid of through diet and exercise. Once fatty tissue is removed, it will not grow back in that area.

Liposuction has become the most common minimally invasive procedure in plastic surgery over the past two decades. The popularity of liposuction stems from its efficient and effective results. Prior to the advent of liposuction techniques, the only method of removing fatty deposits was open lipectomy, which is associated with potentially high blood loss and significant scars. Liposuction, however, has provided a safe and effective method of removing fatty deposits with minimal to no scarring.

Liposuction can be a solution for women wishing to look more masculine. It’s a way to reduce the fatty tissue in areas like the breasts, abdomen, hips and legs. Liposuction can be an alternative to more major surgical breast reduction surgeries in many cases. Liposuction is done in the office with local anesthesia, so complications are minimal.

Liposuction is done as an outpatient treatment in the physician’s office. A thin tube, called a cannula, is inserted into the body. It is connected to a vacuum to suction the fat. Local anesthesia is used and you will be able to return home following the procedure. Recovery varies, based on the individual; the doctor can provide a more accurate prognosis for your particular situation.

After the treatment, there may be minor bruising, swelling, and soreness for at least a few weeks. Your doctor will also suggest a compression garment to help control swelling and contraction of the treated location.


The BodyTite™ procedure can be combined with liposuction to enhance the results. The procedure is FDA-approved used to not only destroy fat cells, but also treat skin laxity. Just as when you lose weight through diet and exercise, fat reduction treatments like liposuction can leave you with saggy, wrinkly skin.

BodyTite™ is a minimally invasive procedure that reduces fat through the use of Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolyis (RFAL). This solution is a way to remove fatty tissue without leaving saggy or wrinkly skin. It leaves no scarring and requires minimal downtime. This incredible treatment, paired with liposuction, can tighten the skin 35% more effectively than a traditional liposuction procedure.

Multiple areas can sometimes be treated in one visit. Results can be seen immediately; however, maximum results appear within 6 months.

Fat Transfer

If you want to supplement certain areas of your body and reduce the fat in other areas, you may want to consider a fat transfer procedure. This is a two-step process: removing fat from one undesirable area of your body and re-injecting it into another area to resculpt and enhance it. Two of the more popular target areas for fat transfer are the buttocks and breasts to give you a curvier, more feminine appearance.

The fat transfer procedure is minimally invasive, requiring small incisions for removing the fat and additional ones for injecting it. Some bruising and swelling can occur for a few days, but the body will heal within a couple weeks. You will experience optimal results within 6 months.

Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive Body Contouring and Sculpting Options

Liposuction and fat transfer are relatively safe, but they are still both considered surgical procedures. When you’re looking for a safe, effective, and totally non-invasive body sculpting technique, then BodyFX is the latest and greatest of these technologies.

BodyFX uses a special machine to re-shape target areas of the body with heat generated by radiofrequency energy, delivered by a succession of pulses. This technology heats the treatment area to a specific temperature, which is monitored throughout the procedure. When the optimal temperature is reached, the fat cells will then contract and can be killed with energy pulses.

The BodyFX procedure is painless. Patients can expect a warming of the skin and gentle pulling sensation as the radio-frequency and vacuum work to smooth out unwanted stubborn pockets of fat.

Hair Removal

Transgender men likely have a lot of unwanted hair growing in areas of their body that they try to remove through conventional methods. Most of these methods are temporary and have less-than-desired results.

  • Shaving. One method of hair removal is shaving. This is a repetitive task, which still leaves stubble and quickly regrows.
  • Plucking and tweezing. Another way to remove some body hair is by plucking or tweezing it. Although the hair may not grow back as quickly as with shaving, it is still a tedious and rather painful practice.
  • Waxing. Ouch!!! If you’ve ever watched the movie “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, you’re probably cringing right now, recalling the scene where he gets his chest waxed! Even if the waxing process is in a smaller, less dense area, it’s still painful and can leave rashes and burning.

LGBT alternatives for body changes

How many wasted hours do you spend shaving, only to repeat the process again the next day or even later that same day? Get the smooth, stubble-free look with laser hair removal!

Laser Hair Removal

A more permanent solution to unwanted hair growth is laser hair removal. This procedure is not a new one, but advancements in the treatment allow for better results with less irritation to the skin. You can actually get a treatment on your lunch break and return to work immediately afterward.

The treatment uses a small handheld device to direct the laser at the skin. The targeted area then absorbs it, and converts it to heat, effectively killing the hair follicle. Even better, our laser system uses a specialized dynamic cooling device to protect your skin while it is treated as well as minimize discomfort.

Each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs at the same time. The laser can treat an area approximately the size of a quarter every second. Small areas such as the upper lip can be treated in less than a minute, and large areas, such as the back or legs, may take up to an hour.

Prior to receiving laser hair removal, you will need to avoid plucking, waxing or electrolysis for six weeks prior to treatment. Also, shaving 24 hours ahead of time is recommended and avoiding sun exposure for three weeks prior to maximize laser removal effectiveness.

Find A Better You Can Help!

Don’t settle for a body image that you don’t like or a temporary, painful or invasive procedure to correct undesirable areas. You can change your appearance by receiving treatments in our facility.

Find A Better You can help the LGBT community with alternatives to major surgery and hormones in achieving the desired changes to their bodies. You can achieve results in a very short time with minimal downtime. Our minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures are safe and effective in accomplishing the look you want.

Popular Types of Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

Have you ever heard the term "fat transfer" and wondered what it meant?

If you've ever felt unhappy with your body, then there's a good chance you've already researched a few options that could give you a body you'd be proud to show off. And if that sounds like you, then maybe you have come across terms like Brazilian butt lift and breast enhancement and wondered what they were and how they managed to achieve such incredible results. Both of these procedures are known as fat transfers, and today we’re going to tell you what they are and what incredible results you can expect with such a procedure. However, we’ll also tell you about other options you can explore if you want to eliminate fat from your body, including liposuction and some newer and more technologically advanced treatments, like BodyFX, BodyTite, and FaceTite.

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Understanding the Fat Transfer Process 

The idea behind a fat transfer is pretty straightforward. You take fat from one area of your body and move it to another. A fat transfer, however, has two simultaneous goals: to remove unwanted fat from one part of the body and redistribute it to sculpt another part. Here's an explanation of the basic process:

  • First, an anesthesiologist will administer either a general or local anesthetic
  • Then, the surgeon will make small incisions in the skin
  • Next, the surgeon will insert a thin tube into the area and remove excess fat
  • After removal, the fat will be processed to separate blood, fluid, and other tissues
  • When the fat is ready, the surgeon will use a syringe to inject it into the area you want to augment

The Most Popular Types of Fat Transfer Options 

When people have fat redistributed in their body, the fat that was removed can be used anywhere on the body. However, there are some common destinations where people want the fat to end up, including:

Breasts: When you have fat transferred to your breasts, it's known as breast enhancement or augmentation. The results of this process can be transformative, but it's important to be aware that this procedure is really only suitable if you're looking for natural results and a smaller increase in size (compared to implants, which can make your breasts much larger with a single treatment).

Buttocks: When fat is redistributed to the buttocks, it’s called a Brazilian butt lift. Once the fat is removed, it can be transferred to the buttocks to increase the size, sculpt the shape, or fill out sagging skin in the area to give you a firmer backside.

Preparing for Recovery and Knowing What to Expect Post-Op

A fat transfer is a relatively minor procedure. The incisions made to remove the fat are quite small, and the injection points from where the fat is redistributed rarely require attention. You can expect bruising and swelling to appear in the days and weeks following the procedure, but you can also expect your body to heal within ten days to three weeks. Nonetheless, you might want to take some time off work to give the bruising and swelling time to subside. Finally, it's important to have realistic expectations for the procedure, since it can take as long as six months for the results to really take effect.

Liposuction: An Ideal Method for Removing Unwanted Fat 

Liposuction is the general method surgeons use to remove unwanted fat from your body, and the process involves making small incisions in the skin, inserting a tube into the incision point, and then loosening and sucking out excess fat with a special tube. Once the fat has been removed, it can either be used to sculpt your body (fat transfer), or it can be discarded, leaving you with a firmer and more toned body. There are common areas people want to be treated with liposuction, and those are the areas where stubborn fat tends to accumulate, such as:

  • Belly fat and love handles from the abdomen
  • Fat from around the thighs that gives you that pear shape
  • Back fat that can make wearing a bra uncomfortable
  • Fat under the arms that hangs and wiggles
  • Neck and chin fat that give you a double chin

For some women who want smaller breasts, liposuction may be a viable alternative to breast reduction surgery, but your surgeon can assess your situation and tell you if liposuction is the right choice to remove excess fat from your chest. 

Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive Body Contouring and Sculpting Options

Liposuction and fat transfer are relatively safe, but they are both considered surgical procedures. When you're looking for a safe, effective, and totally non-invasive body sculpting technique, then BodyFX is the latest and greatest of these technologies.

BodyFX uses a special machine to target areas of the body with heat generated by radiofrequency. This technology heats the treatment area to a specific temperature. When the optimal temperature is reached, the fat cells will then contract and can be killed with energy pulses. This technique is combined with negative pressure massage to stimulate fat store's in the body and allow the machine to penetrate deeper. BodyFX has many positive results, including:

  • Reduced fat deposits
  • Tighter skin
  • Shapelier body
  • Less visible cellulite

How Long Does the BodyFX Process Take?

BodyFX starts with eight treatments over the course of eight weeks, with each session typically lasting 15 to 30 minutes. Following the initial procedure, you can follow up a few times a year for maintenance sessions. You'll see the most drastic results within six months to a year.

Exploring Minimally Invasive Body Contouring and Sculpting Options

Two other options for body sculpting include FaceTite and BodyTite, both of which are minimally invasive procedures that work similarly to liposuction and BodyFX combined. At the start of the process, a surgeon will make tiny incisions in the skin (only local anesthetic is required) and insert a tube, just like with liposuction. The difference, however, is that FaceTite and BodyTite also use the power of radiofrequency to heat and liquefy fat cells. At the same time, the procedure liquefies the cells, and it also removes them from the body through suction. Like BodyFX, these procedures typically require a few sessions over several weeks to achieve the best results, which include:

  • Tighter and younger looking skin
  • Fat is removed from the body
  • Cellulite is treated and minimized
  • Your body can be sculpted and contoured at the same time

Because there is an incision site with FaceTite and BodyTite, you can expect minor bruising and swelling in the days following treatment, but this will subside within a few weeks or months following the procedure. Otherwise, recovery is minimal and fast, especially when compared to other surgical fat removal procedures. 

What's the difference between FaceTite and BodyTite? The only real difference is the scope of the area targeted with the treatment. FaceTite is designed for small areas like the face and neck, whereas BodyTite can target larger areas like the abdomen.

Why We Have Problem Areas

Everybody has problem areas that they immediately notice when they look in the mirror. You might often grab the flab and wonder why it seems impossible to get rid of the fat. Even people who exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and are fit will have problem areas that can really only be treated with fat transfer and removal techniques.

But before you blame yourself for these problem areas, it can help to understand why we have them in the first place. The answer, at least in part, is hormones. While your diet and lifestyle will determine how much body fat you have, it’s sex hormones (namely testosterone and estrogen) that determine how that fat gets deposited around your body. For women, our bodies tell us to accumulate fat around our breasts, hips, and thighs. However, genetic and environmental factors may also be telling your body to store fat in other places. All of these factors and the pressures inside your head can be addressed with procedures like fat transfer, liposuction, and other fat reduction techniques.

Although you might not be able to alter how and where fat is naturally distributed throughout your body, there are effective procedures available today that can harness the power of technology to accomplish what your body cannot do on its own. With a fat transfer procedure, you can remove unwanted fat from one area of your body and successfully transfer it to another, effectively using your own fat stores to reshape and augment other parts of your body. Two of the most common areas people augment with fat transfer are the breasts and buttocks, but you could have fat redistributed however you like within your body. There are other options you can explore as well, including non-invasive procedures like BodyFX and minimally invasive treatments such as FaceTite and BodyTite, all of which can reduce fat in your body, reduce the appearance of cellulite, give you tighter and younger looking skin, and sculpt and tone your body. Schedule a consultation to see how fat transfer and removal techniques can transform your body and your life.

Popular Types of Skin Treatments

Everywhere you go these days, one company or another is advertising revolutionary new skin treatments that promise to give you back the skin of your youth. But while many of these treatments and procedures are fads that fade quickly when people realize they don't deliver on the promises they make, there are others that enjoy enduring popularity because they do work and they are able to produce the desired results. These include procedures like laser hair removal, the treatment of scars and spider veins, and even body contouring and sculpting techniques that can give you a body you will love looking at in the mirror. If you've recently noticed some things about yourself that you'd like to change, here's a breakdown of the most popular skin treatments people use to achieve younger looking, healthier, and flawless skin. 

Fat and Cellulite Reduction with BodyFX

BodyFX is a cutting-edge fat reduction and body contouring treatment that combines the power of radiofrequency and massage to eliminate fat from your body. Here's a brief primer on how it works: radiofrequency is used to target and heat fat, while negative pressure is used to massage the area at the same time, which results in reduced and contracted fat cells.

This treatment is ideal for those stubborn areas of the body where fat likes to accumulate. You know the ones—like the stomach and thighs—where it seems impossible to get rid of the fat with diet and exercise. Although BodyFX is a popular fat reduction technique, it can also be used as a skin treatment because you can target the effects to specifically reduce cellulite and give you smoother and younger looking skin than you’ve had in years. And one of the best things about BodyFX is that it’s a completely non-invasive procedure, so there are no severe complications to worry about ahead of the appointment and recovery time is almost non-existent.

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BodyFX Can Also Promote Skin Tightening 

Along with reducing cellulite and giving you smoother skin, BodyFX is also commonly used as a skin treatment because it can produce tighter and more youthful skin. The BodyFX machine generates heat that it then uses to melt fat, and this heat also stimulates collagen production in your body. Collagen is a specific protein that is present in your body's connective tissue, and it helps to keep skin strong, elastic, and hydrated. When your body produces less collagen as you get older, the result is wrinkled dry, and even sagging skin. By promoting collagen production, therefore, BodyFX treatments will promote younger looking and smoother skin.

Skin Treatments for Acne Scars, Facial and Spider Veins, and More

Most of the popular skin treatments on the market are ones that are designed to fight the visible signs of aging but also treatments that are meant to give you softer and more even skin, such as:

  • Wrinkle removal
  • Treatment of spider veins
  • Removal of conspicuous veins in the face
  • Treatment of acne scars
  • Elimination of pigmented and vascular lesions

The three most advanced skincare technologies on the market that can address all of these issues and more are:

Lumecca: This breakthrough technology uses intense pulsed light that treats vascular and pigmented lesions by improving your skin's tone and pigmentation. It's a highly efficient treatment that rejuvenates skin in one to two sessions, as opposed to the four to six required with similar technologies. 

Fractora: This non-surgical device uses fractional lasers to accomplish many common goals of popular skin treatments, including tightening skin and providing a more youthful appearance, improving complexion, treating acne scars, and reducing skin irregularities.

Forma: This is another non-surgical treatment that uses thermal technology to achieve deep tissue stimulation. The result of this is a tightening of the skin that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and takes years off your face.

Important Maintenance and Recovery Information About Skin Treatments

Even non-invasive and non-surgical procedures require some preparation and recovery, even if you're able to return to your normal life immediately following treatment. For instance, some treatments will leave your skin slightly red or swollen, and this could last for a couple of hours once the procedure is complete. Other treatments, on the other hand, will have no negative side effects at all.

Similarly, while some procedures will produce results immediately after a single treatment, others like Lumecca will sometimes require multiple treatments over the course of several weeks or months before you'll see the results you were looking to achieve. Other procedures again may only require a single treatment, but it could take two to four weeks before you begin to notice a difference in the appearance of your skin. To prepare yourself, talk to your skin care professional about what you can expect after your treatment in terms of maintenance, recovery, and results.

Keeping Your Skin Young and Healthy with Lifestyle Choices

Getting younger looking skin is a goal that most women share, which is why so many of the popular skin treatments have the goal of producing smoother, plumper, and fresher skin. And while these treatments are effective, there are also habits you can adopt in your daily life to help you maintain your youthful appearance before and after the procedure. Here are a few tips:

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Quit smoking if you do smoke cigarettes or other tobacco products
  • Avoid the sun as much as possible, and wear sun protection 365 days a year (just because it's cold or winter time, that doesn't mean the sun isn't out and UV rays can't affect you)
  • Avoid alcohol, which can dehydrate your skin
  • Wash your face each day with a gentle cleanser
  • Moisturize your skin after bathing and washing

Treatment Options to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair 

How many times have you found yourself in the shower shaving your armpits or legs and thinking you'd give just about anything to never have to go through this again? If this sounds familiar—and it most likely does—then it’ll come as no surprise that another hugely popular skin treatment is laser hair removal.

As the name implies, laser hair removal uses a laser to target and kill individual hair follicles. Not only are laser treatments highly targeted (so you don’t lose hair in places where you actually want it), but they're also highly effective. Plus, newer technologies have drastically reduced the redness, skin irritation, and discomfort associated with these treatments, and fewer sessions are typically required to achieve the same results as with older technologies. However, the number of treatments you may require will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Hair color
  • Skin tone
  • Area of the body where hair is being removed
  • Personal hair removal goals

How to Prepare for a Laser Treatment 

There are some key things you will need to do to prepare for a laser hair removal treatment; otherwise, you risk damaging your skin. The most crucial thing is to avoid the sun for at least two weeks before the procedure date because this could result in severe burns. Similarly, avoid plucking, waxing, and bleaching your hair for about six weeks leading up to the treatment, because this could reduce the effectiveness of the procedure. To avoid damaging your skin afterward, don’t pluck or bleach your hair for another four to six weeks.

Less Popular Hair Removal Alternatives

Shaving has already been mentioned as one of the least popular hair removal options out there, but is it really the worst? Sure, you have to do it every day or every few days, but at least it’s a pain-free process (mind you there are ingrown hairs and razor burn to contend with) that doesn’t require hair to be ripped from your body.

Other common hair removal techniques that women have tried involve a measure of pain, and these include plucking and waxing. Plucking is acceptable if you want to shape hair in an area or only need to remove a few errant hairs, but it’s definitely painful. Waxing is similarly unpleasant, but it's good at removing larger portions of hair at once. The major benefit of these two methods is that your hair won't grow back as quickly as with shaving. Another option is hair removal creams, but while these are pain-free, they use harsh chemicals that can cause major burns if used improperly. When compared to these alternatives, you can see why laser hair removal is the preferred course of action for many women.

These common skin treatments are among the most popular because they are safe, they are effective, and they make women look and feel more beautiful by giving them the skin they deserve. Whether you're battling dark spots, unsightly patches of hair, acne scars, or other problems that often affect your skin, these treatments can correct the problem and give you more youthful and more vibrant skin. To learn more about the procedures that could benefit your skin and complexion, schedule a consultation with Find A Better You today.

How Does Body Contouring Work?

Body contouring is a term that's often thrown around when people talk about cosmetic enhancements but have you ever wondered what it is and how it works? If so, you're not alone! Body contouring, which can also be called body sculpting, is the process of changing the shape of the body in order to achieve desired results. For instance, maybe you have excess fat around your tummy and wish you could have a slimmer midsection. Body contouring can accomplish that. Some of the common goals of body sculpting include getting tighter skin, fat removal, and having an overall firmer and younger appearance. There are several different procedures and treatments used in body contouring, and today we’ll talk about what they are and how they work to give you the body you want.

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What Is Body Contouring and When Do People Do It?

Body contouring is a surgical procedure or minimally to non-invasive treatment designed to sculpt the body into a new form. To illustrate how it works, it can help to think of the way a sculptor works to create a body. The sculptor begins with a shapeless piece of clay and uses their hands and tools to move the clay around and form it into a recognizable shape, such as a woman’s body, for example. But now let's say the sculptor thinks the body is too large in one area, so he or she can remold the sculpture to remove excess clay and make the area smaller. Another option is that the sculptor wants to make one area smaller and another larger, so he or she can take the clay from the larger area and redistribute it to the smaller area.

Surgical and non-invasive body sculpting techniques work in a similar fashion.

The idea of body contouring is to give you the perfect body shape you've always wanted. There are several kinds of body contouring treatments and procedures that we'll talk about today, and they include:

  • Lifts
  • Liposuction
  • Fat transfer
  • BodyFX
  • FaceTite
  • BodyTite

Common Times When People Consider Body Contouring

Just about anybody can decide they want to undergo a body sculpting procedure, but there are popular times in people’s lives when it’s more common to look into body contouring.

One of the most common that surgeons see is following dramatic weight loss. After losing a lot of weight, many people have excess skin that sags and makes them uncomfortable, and body sculpting can make your post-weight loss body shapelier and tighter.

Another common time people seek body contouring is after having children, because being pregnant, giving birth, and breastfeeding can all change a woman’s shape, and contouring can give you back your pre-baby body.

Finally, age can also lead to sagging, excess fat, and other cosmetic issues, so as many women age, they start to look for treatment options that can make their skin and body tighter, firmer, and younger looking.

Common Procedures to Lift Skin and Give a More Youthful and Slender Appearance

The primary goals of body contouring include tightening the skin, obtaining a more youthful appearance, and reducing fat in certain areas to reshape the body. As such, some of the most commonly targeted areas for body contouring include:

  • Breasts, with enhancements and reductions
  • Abdomen (tummy tucks and love handle removal)
  • Thighs through lifts and contouring
  • Face and neck to lift and sculpt
  • Upper arms (getting rid of excess skin and fat under the arm)

Liposuction Is an Option When Your Goal Is Removing Excess Fat

Liposuction has been a popular cosmetic procedure for many years, but it gets safer and more effective all the time as new technologies and equipment are designed. One of the things people like about liposuction is that it can remove excess fat from the body without a surgeon having to cut fat and skin off, making it a less invasive procedure with shorter recovery times (about three days of downtime). Here's a basic explanation of how liposuction works:

Anesthesia: The anesthesiologist will administer a local or general anesthesia, depending on the type and location of the procedure.

Incision: Once the anesthesia takes effect, the surgeon will make small incisions in the skin around the treatment area.

Suction: After that, the surgeon will insert a special tube into the incision sites to loosen and suck out excess fat. The whole process typically takes from one to three hours.

A Fat Transfer: Liposuction Plus Body Contouring and Augmentation in One

For some people, it's not just excess fat in one area that's a problem, but also a lack of fat, shapeliness, or firmness in another area. For example, as you age, you might have noticed that your buttocks lost shape or became saggy. After a liposuction treatment, you can opt for a fat transfer that will take the fat removed from one area and redeposit it in your buttocks to increase the size, reduce sagginess, and change the shape. This procedure is known as a Brazilian buttock lift. Another common type of fat transfer procedure is a breast enhancement, where fat is removed from one area and moved to the breasts to enhance the size and shape of your chest naturally.

Best Places for Liposuction and Fat Removal for a Fat Transfer

When you get liposuction or a fat transfer, there are certain areas of the body where the fat commonly gets removed from. Typically, these are known as the hard to treat areas where fat tends to accumulate because of hormones and genetics. For most people, the fat in these areas is impossible to eliminate with diet and exercise alone, and liposuction and other fat reduction methods are the only way to get rid of excess and unwanted fat in these areas, which included:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips or love handles
  • Thighs
  • Breasts
  • Back
  • Chin
  • Arms

BodyFX: A Non-Invasive Approach to Body Sculpting

Liposuction and fat transfer are both older (though effective) techniques that can remove fat from the body, but there are also more modern approaches to body contouring that you might want to investigate as well. One such treatment is BodyFX, which combines the power of deep massage and radiofrequency to kill and reduce fat cells in targeted spots on the body. A single treatment takes an average of 20 minutes, and within 6 to 12 months, you can expect noticeable changes in your skin and body, including that fat deposits will be drastically reduced, cellulite will be less visible, and your skin will be tighter and more youthful looking.

FaceTite and BodyTite

Two more breakthrough treatments for body contouring that have recently made their appearance are FaceTite and BodyTite. The two procedures are very similar in how they work, but the difference is the location that's targeted. BodyTite is for larger areas on the body, while FaceTite is reserved for the chin, face, neck, and other small areas.

The easiest way to understand these procedures is to think of them as a combination of liposuction and BodyFX. Like BodyFX, FaceTite and BodyTite use radiofrequency to heat fat in a targeted area. These two procedures, however, heat the fat to a temperature where it liquefies, and suction is then used simultaneously to remove the liquefied fat cells from the body.

The benefits of FaceTite and BodyTite are similar to BodyFX (tighter skin, reduced cellulite, and reduced fat). However, these two procedures do require a minimal incision, and they are performed under light, local anesthetic and recovery times are minimal.

Candidates for Body Sculpting

Many people can benefit from the results achieved through body sculpting and contouring, but that doesn’t mean every person is a good candidate for these procedures and treatments.

For instance, if you want body contouring because you've lost a lot of weight but haven't yet stabilized, then it's best you wait until you've reached and maintained your ideal weight for a while before considering treatment. Otherwise, the shape of your body will continue to change as you lose more weight, and the effects of the body contouring procedure will be lost. Here are some other important factors that can help determine candidacy:

  • You don’t smoke
  • You're in relatively good health
  • You want to lead a healthy life that prioritizes good diet and exercise
  • You don’t have any medical conditions that could prevent you from healing after a procedure
  • You understand the process and have realistic goals about the results

Body contouring and sculpting may seem like something that's reserved for art class, but there are several procedures and treatments available that can, in fact, sculpt the size and shape of your body. Some of the common goals of these procedures are fat removal, fat redistribution, and younger looking or tighter skin. There are surgical, minimally invasive, and even non-invasive treatment options you can explore if you want to get rid of fat, enhance certain areas, reduce cellulite, and look and feel younger. To find out how body contouring can change what you see in the mirror, contact Find A Better You today and schedule a consultation.

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite: there's nothing good about it. It even sounds unpleasant, and it looks even worse, right? Did you know that cellulite affects as many as 90 percent of women and that some even develop it immediately following puberty? The takeaway from this statistic is that if you're battling cellulite, then you're not alone in your struggle or your hatred for it.

The good news about the prevalence of cellulite is that there are always people working to find ways to eliminate it, and that means more effective and safer treatments are always cropping up. In fact, there are cellulite removal techniques available today that actually work, and that can help get you the smooth and radiant skin that you have been dreaming of for a long time. New technologies and equipment have given way to treatments that are safe, non-invasive, and effective at reducing cellulite, and today you'll learn about what these techniques are, how long they take, and what results you can expect to see.

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Understanding What Cellulite Is

Cellulite is what you call skin that has the appearance of an orange peel or cottage cheese. This skin is dimpled and lumpy, and it commonly affects fatty areas of the body, such as:

  • Stomach

  • Thighs

  • Buttocks

  • Hips

We know that cellulite happens when fat between the skin and the muscle accumulates and pushes against the skin while connective tissue (collagen) pulls the skin down, but we don’t really understand the underlying cause that explains why this happens. Because of this gap in knowledge, there are lots of cellulite treatment options on the market that may temporarily appear to make cellulite go away, but they don't actually provide a permanent solution to the problem. Again, however, there are treatments that do work, so get ready to learn about what they are.

New Technologies Have Given Us Effective and Minimally Invasive Cellulite Treatments

There was a time when the most sought-after treatments for cellulite removal or reduction involved creams, deep tissue massages, and liposuction (more on that later), but time and experience have taught us that these methods really aren't the most effective, or at all. But thanks to the development of new technologies and practices, today we have cellulite removal techniques that are both effective and non-invasive, and they are all available right here in O’Fallon, MO. These techniques, which we will discuss in more detail shortly, include cutting-edge body contouring and body sculpting methods such as:

  • BodyTite

  • FaceTite

  • BodyFX

BodyTite and FaceTite Treatments for Cellulite

BodyTite and FaceTite are advanced body contouring treatments that combine the power of radiofrequency with reliable liposuction techniques to carefully and safely sculpt your face and body. Like liposuction, BodyTite and FaceTite remove fat cells from the body. But unlike liposuction, these methods also use radiofrequency to target and liquefy fat cells with heat, and this means these techniques are up to 35 percent more effective than just liposuction at tightening the skin. At the same time, the treatments also reduce the visibility of cellulite, giving you smoother and softer skin than you’ve had since you were a baby.

The major difference between these two treatments is that BodyTite is designed to address larger areas, whereas FaceTite is specifically aimed at treating smaller and more delicate areas, such as the face, neck, and sensitive skin spots. But both treatments deliver similar results and benefits, which include:

  • Safe and controlled fat reduction

  • No scarring

  • Treatment results are customizable

  • Three-dimensional body sculpting and contouring

  • Reduction of loose and saggy skin

  • Light general anesthetic

  • Safe and controlled fat reduction

  • Highly targeted treatments

  • Quick recovery times

  • Treatment is four times faster than laser treatment


BodyFX is another body contouring method that uses radiofrequency heat and massage techniques to reduce fat. This treatment is a highly customizable method of fat reduction, and you can even request that areas with excessive cellulite are specifically targeted with the treatment. BodyFX requires multiple treatments, and patients will typically undergo weekly procedures of 15 to 30 minutes for eight weeks. After that, a few follow-up treatments throughout the year are advised so that you can maintain the beautiful appearance you have achieved.

Unlike some other fat and cellulite reducing techniques, BodyFX is an entirely non-invasive procedure that doesn’t have any of the side effects associated with some other body sculpting methods, such as redness, soreness, bloating, and blanching. Instead, you will be left with healthy, smooth, and youthful skin, and a body that you're proud to show off at the beach, the gym, work, and everywhere else you go.

What Happened to Using Liposuction for Cellulite?

As mentioned previously, there was a time when liposuction was the go-to method for cellulite treatment, but the problem is that it wasn't effective. Liposuction is useful for removing fat from your body, but not cellulite. In fact, we now know that the procedure can actually make the appearance of cellulite worse because it causes even more dimpling in the skin. Another knock against liposuction is that it's a major surgery that requires a general anesthetic, and this means there are a lot of potential complications.  

Reducing Cellulite Through Weight Loss and Muscle Toning

Along with treatment options like BodyTite, FaceTite, and BodyFX, there are also other lifestyle approaches you can use to further reduce the appearance of cellulite on your legs, tummy, and elsewhere on your body. Excess weight is a huge culprit for making cellulite more visible, so maintaining a healthy weight can help to reduce how noticeable cellulite is on your body. Now that's not to say that cellulite only affects people who are overweight because even slim and fit women experience cellulite. But a regular exercise routine that focuses on cardio and strength training will help you lose weight, stay at a healthy weight, and reduce or prevent cellulite from appearing on your body. Furthermore, exercises like strength training and yoga will tone your muscles, and this will make your skin firmer and smoother, thereby making cellulite even less visible. By contrast, not eating a healthy diet, not exercising regularly, and following yo-yo diets can all make cellulite worse.

Other Factors that Can Make Cellulite Better and Worse

Cellulite is a fact of life, and that means there are things that can make it worse. Unfortunately, some of these things are completely out of your control, such as aging. The older you get, the worse cellulite will get. As skin loses its elasticity, and it becomes thin and sags, cellulite production also tends to increase. You might even find yourself prone to developing cellulite because of genetic factors. Some of these predispositions can affect how your body disperses fat as it accumulates, the rate of your metabolism, and circulation levels due to hormone presence. Though it will be difficult to measure these things by yourself to determine your likelihood of developing cellulite, you can just look at older relatives. If other family members have cellulite and have struggled to get rid of it, chances are you will probably notice cellulite on your body and face similar challenges.

But before you panic, there are some factors that are within your control. And smoking is one of them because it can impact collagen levels. Collagen is a protein that plays many roles in your body, but for your skin, it provides structure and elasticity. Smoking weakens collagen, disrupts its formation, and reduces blood flow, and all of this can exacerbate cellulite.

On the other hand, there are specific foods you can use to help battle the appearance of cellulite, and this includes food with a high water content that can reduce inflammation. Inflammation can make cellulite more noticeable, and because staying well-hydrated can reduce inflammation, foods that contain lots of water can minimize the appearance of cellulite. These foods include:

  • Watermelon

  • Celery

  • Lettuce

  • Cucumber

  • Pineapple

  • Berries

  • Radishes

  • Peppers

Cellulite is one of those words that strike fear into the hearts of most women because we all know what it is and the vast majority of us have it somewhere on our bodies, and, on top of that, a lot of women have tried many things to get rid of it and aren’t having much luck. And while cellulite treatments until now have left us wanting, the development of new equipment and new technology means we now have better tools in our arsenals to combat this pesky and unsightly cosmetic phenomenon.

Even though we don't fully understand cellulite, we do understand what it is, what can make it worse, how it makes us feel, and what can make it better, and that includes treatments like BodyTite, FaceTite, BodyFX, maintaining a healthy body weight with diet and regular exercise, and avoiding certain other things that can worsen the appearance of cellulite. Tired of being distracted by cellulite when you look in the mirror? Schedule a consultation now to see what treatments are available through Find A Better You, and we will help you get the body and skin of your dreams!

Top Fat Reduction Treatment Options Available

Fat Reduction Treatments

The food you eat and the exercise you complete all contribute to the amount of body fat you have. There's simply no way around that fact of life. Unfortunately, there are a few other contributing factors that can make fat reduction difficult. These can include hormone levels, environmental factors, and the specific part of the body with the fat build-up.

For this reason, sometimes exercise and diet are just not enough. You will have trouble spots of fat that just refuse to go away. Fat reduction treatments are an effective way of addressing these stubborn fat deposits.

There are a number of treatments available, ranging in effectiveness, invasiveness, and technique. The following provides a breakdown of the fat reduction treatment options so that you can decide what will work best for you.

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Invasive Fat Reduction Options

Invasive fat reduction procedures generally include a surgical operation that uses large cuts and incisions on the treatment area. An example of this is the abdominoplasty, or the tummy tuck. Unfortunately, while these procedures can be very effective at reducing fat deposits, they carry a much higher risk.

They tend to be more stressful and painful for patients, both because of the extreme incisions and because of the general anesthesia that is required.

They are also more dangerous due to complications during and after the surgery, from both infections and reactions to the anesthesia and other medications.

Finally, the recovery for this type of invasive treatment is extensive compared to other fat reduction options--the cuts take time to heal, as does the rest of the body. Not to mention that the surgery itself will involve at least one day spent in a hospital.


There is one surgical fat reduction treatment that is significantly less invasive: Liposuction.

While it does involve incisions, they are much smaller than other fat reduction surgeries. Instead of skin or fat being cut from the body, fatty tissue is suctioned out. It specifically targets the fat that has been resistant to exercise and diet. And while the procedure does require general anesthesia, the recovery is very quick. The suggested downtime is only three days.

Here are a few extra benefits that liposuction has to offer:

  • Unlike other forms of minimally invasive and non-invasive fat reduction, the results can be seen immediately.

  • The effects of the procedure are long-lasting and there is no need for follow up visits to get additional treatments.

  • It can help to address lipomas, which are benign fatty tumors.

  • It can be effectively used on numerous parts of the body, including the abdomen, back, buttocks, chest, inner knees, hips, flanks (i.e. love handles), neckline, under the chin, inner and outer thighs, and upper arms.

Minimally Invasive Fat Reduction Options

For those who do not want to go under general anesthesia, there are several less invasive fat reduction options. These involve nearly microscopic incisions, local anesthesia, and have very quick recovery times.

FaceTite And BodyTite

Two of the newest treatments in the minimally invasive fat reduction treatment category are FaceTite and BodyTite. Both of these options are FDA approved and use radio frequency assisted lipolysis to heat and suck out fat cells.

First, the treatment area is numbed, then a cannula, or small, flexible tube is inserted under the skin. At the tip of the cannula is an electrode and, running parallel above the surface of the skin is another electrode. These electrodes heat specific areas, burning the fat.

When the fat has been liquefied, it is sucked out with the cannula. This creates significant benefits because the suction and fat liquification are done in a single step, allowing for efficiency with the treatment. 

Most practitioners recommend that patients attend several sessions of BodyTite and FaceTite treatments, spaced a week apart for several weeks. The treatment is also relatively fast because the patient does not need to be put under with general anesthesia.

Additionally, the recovery is minimal, especially when compared to the more invasive options. There is negligible bruising and swelling and results can be seen within the first few weeks, improving over the course of the next six months. There are also a number of other benefits that FaceTite and BodyTite offer:

  • FaceTite, in particular, allows individuals to address fatty areas around and on their face that invasive procedures cannot address.

  • The treatment is extremely safe due to the fact that the temperature is monitored continuously by both a computer and the practitioner.

  • The procedure goes above and beyond just reducing fat. Patients also enjoy the benefits of contouring, which offers a smoother look and feel, as well as skin tightening, as collagen production on the skin is renewed.

  • Both FaceTite and BodyTite can be used on every area of the body where liposuction can be used.


Another minimally invasive procedure for fat reduction are injections. The injectable liquid is deoxycholic acid, which is a substance that already occurs in the body and breaks down fat during digestion. When injected directly into other areas of the body, it can break down fat cells in a more isolated way. 

Patients can have the liquid injected with a small needle, with the procedure only taking 20 minutes. Downtime lasts no longer than two days and optimal results take at least two treatments, spaced a month apart.

There are some side effects that patients see with the treatment, but most of them are temporary. These include swelling, bruising, redness, and numbness. The more severe side effects that have been reported include facial weakness and prolonged numbness.

Unfortunately, the FDA has only approved the injectable for fat deposits around the chin so individuals are limited in terms of how they can use the treatment. 


SmartLipo is another minimally invasive procedure that can be used for fat reduction. It uses a small cannula to accomplish the same goal as liposuction. The biggest benefits of this form of treatment are that it only requires local anesthesia and that the procedure lasts no more than 45 minutes.

However, many doctors agree that this form of liposuction provides no significant benefits over regular liposuction. It also has one significant downside in that, due to the small size of the cannula, it cannot remove the large deposits of fat that regular liposuction has the ability to remove.

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Options

For those individuals who would prefer to stay away from needles, tubes, and knives, there are alternatives for fat reduction treatments that are non-invasive. Some rely on temperature, others on pressure, and others on lasers.


The most advanced non-invasive treatment is BodyFX. It is a machine that uses radio frequency in a similar way to BodyTite and FaceTite—just without the cannula. Instead, as the frequency heats the skin to a precise temperature, the fat tissues contract and are killed off with additional pulses of energy.

This radio frequency is combined with a negative pressure massage. The vacuum-like pressure allows the treatment to penetrate deeper into the body's fat stores and reduce fat more effectively.

The BodyFX treatment can be used on nearly any area of the body where fat reduction is desired and each session takes less than 20 minutes. Most practitioners will recommend for a patient to come in for a weekly session for eight weeks, as well as a follow-up session after three to four months.

After the first session, some results will be seen and, over the next six to twelve months, results will continue to improve. There are a few additional benefits that can be associated with BodyFX:

  • Besides reducing fat deposits, Body FX can also reduce the appearance of cellulite, tighten the skin, and help with body contouring.

  • The treatment can be used on most areas of the body.

  • There is no downtime or recovery period after the treatment.

  • The only side effect is a few hours of redness and skin that is warm to the touch.

  • The procedure is very safe because the temperature is regulated both by the machine and by the practitioner who is operating it.


Another non-invasive fat reduction option is CoolSculpting. This treatment relies on colder temperatures to kill the fat cells by freezing them. Unfortunately, this method has been shown to be less effective than other methods and have a higher likelihood of long-term side effects. 


There are also a number of non-invasive fat reduction treatments that involve the use of lasers. These lasers target fat cells and emulsify the adipose tissue. The treatments for these sessions are fast and they are known to cause little to no discomfort. However, the results for these methods are often disappointing, with minimal changes to fat deposits in the treatment area. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to fat reduction. Some individuals will see the best results with liposuction, while others will get the best benefits from BodyFX. These fat reduction treatment options should be closely reviewed and considered before any final decision is made. Additionally, it can be helpful to speak with a professional for help making the right choice.

You Can Choose to Receive Fat Reduction Treatments at Find a Better You

Find A Better You offers a variety of these treatments. To find out more about which fat reduction treatment is best for you, please schedule a free consultation. 

What Are BodyTite And FaceTite?

BodyTite and FaceTite

With age comes aging. The body will start to feel more aches and pains. Eyesight will start to falter. The skin will start to loosen. Thankfully, we live in the twenty-first century and many of these issues can be remedied. There are supplements, medication, surgeries, and procedures. Every year the results that they provide get better and people look and feel younger. 

One of the areas of aging that has seen rapid improvement in the last few years is fat reduction and skin tightening. For decades, the only good option for skin tightening around the face was a facelift. When it came to body tightening, liposuction tended to provide the best result. Now, however, there are new technologies that enhance the effects of liposuction and provide a less invasive alternative to a facelift. 

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What Is BodyTite?

BodyTite is a minimally invasive procedure that breaks down fat cells under the skin. It uses a radio frequency to accomplish this while leaving no scars, providing results only before seen using more invasive surgeries. This means that individuals can get breast lifts, arm lifts, and more without the heavy anesthesia, the extensive recovery time, or the unsightly scarring that were common in other more invasive procedures in the past. The additional benefit, though, that the radiofrequency brings is the ability to provide three-dimensional remodeling, contouring the body as the fat cells are killed.  

How The BodyTite Technology Works

The BodyTite instrument pairs a cannula, or a thin tube that is inserted into the body, with an electrode, which works in parallel with an electrode outside of the body. The radio frequency is deployed from the cannula to the electrode so that the fat-burning heat can be precisely directed. It is this capability that allows BodyTite to deliver smooth results. In other words, the device is able to avoid over-treating or under-treating any part of the treatment area because the heat can be so closely regulated. 

As the treatment is being delivered, the machine is getting temperature updates and adjusting itself accordingly. The operator is also getting real-time updates about temperature, including temperature in the deeper fat areas where readers are not able to reach. This, then, allows for manual adjustment if needed. 

In collaboration with the radio frequency pulses that are killing fat cells in the target area, the handpiece on the machine simultaneously aspirates and coagulates, removing adipose tissue that has been liquefied by the heat. This means that instead of killing the fat cells and then removing them, the entire process is done in one step. Compared to laser assisted devices, BodyTite is four times as fast.

BodyTite Results

After being treated with BodyTite, patients can expect certain results that they will not see with other fat reduction procedures:

  • No scars will be left after the treatment.

  • The skin will appear and feel smooth, rather than lumpy or irregular, which can sometimes be caused by liposuction and other treatments.

  • The skin on the treatment area will tighten, reducing sagging or loose skin.

  • The stimulation of new soft tissue development and contraction.

  • The reduction of fat in problem areas or places that are difficult to target with exercise.

  • A more contoured body.

  • A reduction in cellulite visibility.

BodyTite Procedure Benefits

While the biggest BodyTite procedure benefits are the end results that patients will see, the actual procedure is much easier and efficient than any that have come before it. Here are just a few of the advantages of opting for BodyTite:

  • The coagulation of blood vessels.

  • The procedure is safe, has been cleared by the FDA, and is currently available in Australia, Asia, Europe, Canada, and the United States. Additionally, the safety features on the device prevent the possibility of heat or thermal injuries.

  • A very limited recovery time due to minimal swelling and pain—Most patients will be fully recovered in under a week. Compared to plastic surgery, this can take weeks off the recovery time and allow patients to quickly jump back into their fitness routine or other tasks that require heavy lifting.

  • Patients do not have to undergo general anesthesia, which means the procedure can be completed quickly, with patients walking out as soon as it is over.

  • Nearly any area of the body can be treated, including the stomach, thighs, arms, back, chest, legs, and shoulders.


What Is FaceTite?

FaceTite is very similar to BodyTite in how it works and what it is. However, it is geared specifically towards the face and smaller areas on the body. While it does provide fat reduction and skin tightening, it is most commonly used for contouring. And just like BodyTite, it is minimally invasive and harnesses the power of radio frequency assisted lipolysis, allowing for both external and internal lipolysis in a way that remodels the fibrous septa--The connective tissue just below the skin. As people age, the fibrous septa hardens and contracts, which creates the appearance of cellulite, sagging skin, and more. 

However, while BodyTite is designed for larger areas of the body, FaceTite is specifically designed for more sensitive areas, including the face, neck, chin, jowl line, and other areas that have loose skin and deep lines.

When the fibrous septae and dermal collagen are heated, they thermally contract. This contraction enables immediate contouring. This then reverses the effects of aging, tightening the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and reducing the amount of fatty cells. And while results can be seen immediately, the appearance of the skin and the treated area will continually improve for roughly six months.

How The FaceTite Technology Works

The technology works in a similar way to BodyTite. The radio frequency energy is transferred from the cannula that is injected into the skin. The energy then travels to the electrode that is on the outside of the skin, just above the end of the cannula. The internal cannula heats the internal connective tissue to a temperature of roughly 55 degrees celsius and the external electrode heats the top layer of skin to 36 degrees celsius. 

The 55 degree heat that is emitted from the internal cannula tip is meant to coagulate blood vessels, allowing the blood to clot and preventing bleeding. The other job of the cannula is to liquify fat under the skin. This combination reduces the potential of bruising, pain, and edema (i.e. the accumulation of fluid in the treatment area).  

The power of the radio frequency is measured in the same way as the BodyTite technology. It uses online measurements of skin temperature, as well as tissue impedence (i.e. the electrical properties of the tissue).

The reason that FaceTite has succeeded is because the technology guarantees uniformity of radio frequency across the skin. This means that the contouring is smooth and even across the entire area that has been treated.

FaceTite Results

The FaceTite results have proven to be completely uniform across the board, with patients being able to see the effects immediately. However, the results become most visible within about two to four months. All patients can expect the following results:

  • Fat around the face and neck can be significantly reduced, which lessens the appearance of puffiness.

  • Skin on the neck and face can be tightened, which solves issues such as double chins, jowl lines, frown lines, and general aging visibility.

  • The contouring that occurs during the treatment smooths over the skin, creating an eveness across the treated area.

FaceTite Procedure Benefits

There is no comparable treatment to FaceTite that is currently available. The other options on the market are simply not as effective or are much more invasive. Here are the reasons that many individuals are opting for this procedure over the alternatives:

  • It is safe and controlled, both because the technology has temperature controls and because it is minimally invasive.

  • There is no risk of areas outside of the treatment area being affected because the energy pulses are direct and precise (i.e. necessary fat and deeper structures will not be damaged).

  • The procedure is non-excisional (i.e. the fat and skin are not cut off of the body).

  • There is no risk of scarring.

  • Patients do not need weeks of recovery time because the pain, swelling, and bruising is considerably less. It only takes a few days to recover fully.

  • Patients do not have to undergo general anesthesia.

  • The treatment takes less time than most other comparable procedures.

  • The end result is less harsh than a facelift and looks more natural.

  • Local anesthesia is used, making the procedure very tolerable.

  • It is just as customizable as a facelift, with every treatment being designed around what the individual patient desires.

BodyTite and FaceTite are the next evolution in body fat reduction and body contouring. While not as extreme or as expensive as plastic surgery, they can provide comparable results. The treatment is most useful for those who are just a few pounds over their target body weight or struggle with cellulite, sagging skin, or a build up of fat in difficult to target areas.

To find out more please contact Find a Better You. We would be happy to provide you with a consultation and more information about BodyTite and FaceTite.

BodyFX: An Alternative to CoolSculpting

BodyFX alternative to CoolSculpting

We all have those flabby spots, cellulite, and bulges that we just wish would disappear. No matter how much exercise and dieting we implement, they just never seem to completely vanish. And while sometimes these problem spots can be on areas that we can work out, like our legs, arms, and stomach, other times they can show up in places that no amount of exercise can fix.

It is because of these hard to target areas that many individuals, who are doing their best to look and feel healthy with regular exercise and a healthy diet, are opting for a BodyFX treatment to get them the last 10 yards over the finish line.

The Comparison: BodyFX vs. CoolSculpting Ebook

What Is BodyFX?

BodyFX is a machine that provides fat reduction, body contouring, and cellulite treatment. It is one of the newer fat reduction treatments on the market and it is rapidly growing in popularity due to the fact that it is a non-invasive procedure.

The BodyFX machine works by using a radio frequency to heat specific areas of the skin to a precise temperature. While the skin is being heated, the machine uses negative pressure to massage the skin with a vacuum-like effect. This combination of pressure and heat enables fat and cellulite reduction and contraction, as well as more effective body shaping and the ability to melt fat cells over the course of several treatments.

One of the most critical aspects of BodyFX that makes it more widely acceptable is the fact that it is non-invasive. This means that individuals looking for contouring do not have to deal with incisions or the healing process that follows. It is because of this non-invasive characteristic of BodyFX that many compare the technology to CoolSculpting. However, the two techniques are very different when examined more closely.

The Comparison: BodyFX Vs. CoolSculpting

At the most basic level, CoolSculpting is dissimilar from BodyFX because it is an older technology, using cold temperatures rather than heat to destroy fat cells. There have been mixed results from attempting to harness cold energy in this way and, in some cases, there have been adverse effects. The following provides some additional comparisons between the two fat cell reducing technologies:

  1. The Technology Used

With CoolSculpting, much more drastic temperatures are used. The procedure harnesses more extreme colds and combines this with a higher pressure that can often cause discomfort in patients. BodyFX, on the other hand, relies on heat that is warm—not hot—coupled with a vacuum sensation that can be felt by the patient, yet causes no pain, discomfort, or irritation.

  1. How The Technology Works

The science behind CoolSculpting relies on the crystallization of fat cells by introducing extreme cold to them. This then results in slow fat cell loss. Unfortunately, there are mixed results with this method and, in some cases, there have been negative side effects.

With BodyFX, as previously mentioned, heat is introduced to the fat cells via radio frequency. This then results in apoptotic cell death, destroying fat cells over time and for the long-term.

  1. Potential Side Effects

CoolSculpting, as mentioned above, has been known to cause several adverse effects. Patients, over the long-term and short-term, have complained of permanent depressions or visible step-offs in their skin, prolonged nerve discomfort, permanent skin damage, scars, and ulcerations.

BodyFX has been used extensively by health care professionals and has not caused any long-term complications or significant side effects to patients.

  1. Post Treatment Recovery

After a CoolSculpting treatment, patients must give themselves time to recover. In the more extreme cases, nerve pain can be long-lasting. In most cases, though, individuals should expect at least two weeks of numbness in the treatment area. There is the potential, however, for this numbness to last for up to six weeks.

Patients will likely also experience soreness, blanching, and redness for between two and seven days after the CoolSculpting treatment. Additionally, side effects like bloating can persist for up to a month, as well as several days of noticeable swelling and bruising.

None of these issues, nor any other complications, are part of the recovery process for BodyFX. In fact, there is no downtime following a treatment.

  1. Pricing

It can be difficult to get an estimate for a CoolSculpting session because most providers charge patients for every applicator that is used for the process. So while one patient may only need one applicator used for their stomach area treatment, another may need two.

With BodyFX, most providers will charge based on the area of the body that is being targeted, assigning a specific cost to the thighs, stomach, and so on. This offers a clear cost indication to any potential patient.

  1. Customization

Even though the pricing is more defined with BodyFX, this technology allows for more customization within a treatment than CoolSculpting. The latter is more about targeting fat cells to freeze them and kill them off. The former, BodyFX, allows patients to go above and beyond just fat reduction. Individuals can also request for cellulite to be targeted, as well as more specific contouring and shaping requests.

This customization in BodyFX is aided by the fact that the treatment is very hands-on. The professional is present at all times during the appointment to ensure safety. Additionally, the patient can actively provide feedback so that the treatment can be adjusted in real-time.

Alternatively, with CoolSculpting the treating professional does not attend the full session, removing the opportunity for any customization, interaction, or changes during the treatment.

  1. Treatment Intervals

Initially, more treatments are required for BodyFX. Usually, practitioners will suggest that patients come in for a treatment each week for eight weeks. However, the treatments are very brief, lasting between 15 and 30 minutes.

With CoolSculpting, every application site must undergo between one and two treatments. These treatments are more time intensive, lasting about an hour each.

CoolSculpting requires much more maintenance than BodyFX. While both procedures require follow-up treatments, as fat cells are more effectively killed over the course of several sessions, CoolSculpting must be maintained every two to four months with a new session. Therefore, in some cases, patients will have just recovered from their last treatment when they are preparing to attend a follow-up.

When it comes to BodyFX, maintenance is less frequent. Each single maintenance session can be done as few as three times a year. This is significantly less inconvenient, in terms of both time and the fact that no recovery time is needed.

  1. The Results

With CoolSculpting the result can be fat cell reduction. With BodyFX, the results are much broader. Patients will notice a tightening of skin. With CoolSculpting there is no skin tightening and, in some cases, the skin can become looser.

Additionally, BodyFX has been seen to improve the appearance of cellulite, which is not the case with CoolSculpting. Finally, the end result of BodyFX is smooth, offering a youthful and healthy look. With CoolSculpting, as mentioned above, there is the possibility of unevenness and step-offs in the skin’s appearance.

The results are not only more comprehensive with BodyFX, you will also see them faster. With CoolSculpting, it can take three to four months for patients to notice results.

With BodyFX, on the other hand, patients will start seeing results as soon as six weeks into treatment. A more final result of the treatment will be seen between two and four months after initiation and often continues to slowly improve through the six month mark.

What To Expect From The BodyFX Treatment

While the information above will give any potential patient some insight into BodyFX and whether it is right for them, it does not necessarily provide them with a clear picture of what they will experience in a treatment session. An actual BodyFX treatment is roughly 20 minutes of the machine directed on an area that is about six inches by six inches.

Over the course of the 20 minutes, the machine sends out a continuous radio frequency that creates and maintains a target heat. This heats up the tissue and the fat under the tissue, causing it to contract. When the desired temperature is reached, a pulse of energy is released and it is this pulse that kills the fat cells and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

The heat from the machine also helps to stimulate collagen, which is what helps to tighten the skin. Finally, the vacuum, in combination with the pulsing energy, provides the body contouring benefit over the course of the treatment.

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Fat reduction is a battle that almost everyone fights. But it is the problem spots that often need a little extra tender, loving care. This is where fat cell reduction treatments come in. And now, with more non-invasive options available, fat and cellulite reduction are easier than ever before.

To find out more about how the BodyFX treatment can assist with eliminating fat cells in hard to target fatty areas, please schedule a consultation today. Find A Better You offers BodyFX by Inmode and we are more than happy to provide you with all of the details of how the treatment works, what you can expect, pricing, and much more.

How Liposuction Can Give You a Better Body

liposuction can give you a better body

The battle against excess body fat is an age-old one, and while there are numerous treatment options today for eliminating excess fat, few can rival the results produced by liposuction. Liposuction (aka "lipo") is a procedure that's been around for quite awhile, although new technology has improved it over the years. As you might have guessed, liposuction involves suctioning out excess fat (lipo) cells in areas that are resistant to a healthy diet and exercise -- even with serious, dedicated effort.

We all want a sculpted, contoured body. And why not? If you've been lucky enough in the past to have enjoyed being toned and fit, you know that shopping for (and wearing) clothes becomes a pleasure. You get to forgo the annoying quest for something that will hide that belly paunch, disguise flabby arms or minimize out-of-proportion thighs. Instead, you're treated to the pleasure of selecting clothing that you love without regard to its ability to mask anything!

Areas of the Body Where Liposuction Works Best Ebook

Where Liposuction Works Best

Liposuction is a versatile treatment that produces particularly good results on the following common problem areas of the body …


Abdominal fat can be so hard to get rid of! Whether it’s an all-over problem, or is localized in the lower abdominal area as a “pooch”, even people who are ultra-fit can become frustrated by excess, stubborn belly fat. (This is a common problem for many women following childbirth. Many women find that even when they’ve lost every pound of “baby weight”, their tummy fat hangs on despite their best efforts!)

Love Handles

So-called “love handles” are those areas of fat extending from the sides of the abdomen around to the back. They affect both men and women and are responsible for the “muffin top” effect where excess fat spills over the top of your favorite pair of jeans!

Chin Fat

Do you avoid showing your profile when posing for a photo because of a double chin? People of all ages can develop a double chin, even when they’re otherwise fit and trim. It’s pretty hard — if not downright impossible — to “exercise” it away! Since liposuction can be performed on small areas, it can take care of the problem once and for all, making you look years younger in the process!


Liposuction is an extremely effective way to sculpt thighs and make them look more in proportion to the rest of the body. (e.g., If you’re “pear-shaped”, chances are that no matter how hard you try to tone your thighs, they’re still going to end up looking a bit too large in relation to the rest of your body.) Liposuction is particularly effective on the outer thigh area.


Whether you’re male or female, it’s certain that you’d prefer a smooth, shapely back to one that’s defined by excess fat. It’s a particular problem for women when it bulges out from beneath their bras. Liposuction is a great solution to excess back fat as long as it’s not caused by sagging skin rather than actual fat cells.

Upper arms

If your upper arms are flabby due to excess fat and not loose skin, liposuction can be a solution to the problem, eliminating those unwanted “bat wings”.


Although it’s true that it seems as though many women would like to have larger breasts, it’s equally true that nearly as many women wish that theirs were smaller. Liposuction can be an effective means of reducing large breasts as long as they’re not too dense or saggy. If yours are large but still “perky”, it’s worth talking to your cosmetic surgeon about the possibility of reducing their size with liposuction. If your doctor determines that liposuction isn’t the right method for you, he or she will explain other options such as breast reduction surgery.

Men can have a problem with their breasts being too large, too. This can occur as the result of weight gain, steroid use, or from a hormonal imbalance. In fact, there’s actually a name for the condition: It’s known as Gynecomastia. It’s not a medically dangerous condition, but needless to say, it can be a cause of embarrassment to men who have it, and in some, it can be painful as well. Liposuction can help, as long as the tissue involved is not particularly dense.

These are all areas of the body where fat can accumulate and be particularly hard to eradicate with diet and exercise alone. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery rightly points out that liposuction can help with fat removal, but can also be a valuable procedure for minor sculpting. This is because, as they put it, “no other technique allows for such detailed improvements in body contour”. In fact, liposuction is best for women and men who are within 10 to 20 pounds of their ideal weight.

If you’re significantly overweight, your best strategy is to increase the amount of exercise you get, cut back on sweets and fatty foods, and wait until you’re just 10 to 20 pounds from your ideal weight before considering liposuction treatment. (Note: You must also be an adult — over the age of 18 — to be considered for liposuction treatment.)

There are a couple areas where liposuction is not a good option. Liposuction should not be used to reduce puffiness around the eye area. A better option for this might include laser resurfacing, chemical peels or fillers, which may improve skin tone, tighten the skin and rejuvenate the area safely. Eyelid surgery might be needed to reduce puffiness above the eye which can sometimes be more than a cosmetic concern since it can actually interfere with your vision.

In addition, liposuction is not an effective treatment for cellulite (“dimpled” skin) or for loose, sagging skin. If these are your issues, don’t hesitate to speak with your cosmetic surgeon about finding a better, more appropriate solution for those problem areas.

Understanding the Procedure

Liposuction is performed using either IV sedation, local, or general anesthesia. (Your surgeon will determine which type of anesthesia is best for you based on the area or areas being treated.) Then the surgeon will create tiny incisions in the areas to be treated. Tiny tubes called cannulas are then inserted through these incisions to gently suction out excess fat cells, while carefully avoiding the surrounding tissue. (The fat cells are typically loosened either by manual manipulation or with a laser to make suctioning easier and more effective.)

The entire procedure can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours or even a bit longer, depending on the number of areas being treated.

Results Are Permanent, But …

Once fat cells have been removed they’re gone and won’t grow back. However, it’s important to remember that good results will remain that way only as long as you continue to take care of yourself through proper diet and exercise. If you allow yourself to gain a great deal of weight, those fat cells will find their way back into your body and you may find that you’ve developed other problem areas! In other words, liposuction is not a substitute for a healthy diet and a regular exercise regimen! It can produce beautiful results including a more sculpted, refined look —  but maintenance of your “new” body is entirely up to you!


Since liposuction is a semi-invasive treatment, you can expect some swelling and/or bruising to occur following the procedure. Your surgeon may recommend compression garments to help reduce swelling and to make you more comfortable during the recovery period.

Bear in mind that today’s liposuction techniques are designed to minimize swelling and discomfort, and as long as you’re being treated by a qualified cosmetic surgeon, recovery can be fairly quick and relatively easy. (Of course, everyone is different, and everyone has their own unique perception of pain and discomfort.) If pain medication is needed, an over-the-counter option such as ibuprofen is typically all that is needed. When you can return to work will depend upon the type of job you have (i.e., less at-home recovery time is needed for more sedentary work).

Since the incisions made are small, scarring is usually minimal and may all but disappear over the course of several months to a year or so.

Your doctor will provide you with detailed instructions outlining what you can or can’t do following the procedure and more fully explaining what to expect while you recover.

Schedule a Consultation

The best way to know whether you’re a good candidate for liposuction is to schedule a consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon. He or she will discuss your options, assess your overall health, and make recommendations that are appropriate to your individual needs and goals.

At Find a Better You, serving the St. Charles/St. Louis metro area, we offer state-of-the-art liposuction services as well as a wide variety of other services designed to help you uncover the best “you” possible. Explore your options by scheduling a consultation today. (The fee is just $50 and it can go toward your first liposuction or other fat-removal treatment as long as you schedule your treatment within two weeks from the date of your consultation.) We can even direct you to companies that help with financing, if that is an issue for you.

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We offer a wide variety of services at Find A Better You, from liposuctions and fat transfers to laser hair removal, women’s rejuvenation services and beyond. People choose to come to our St. Louis wellness clinic for a variety of reasons, and we see a variety of different patients come through our doors each day. With this in mind, we want to take an in depth look at why people choose to come to Find A Better You, and in this blog post, we’ll look at a few of our services that can provide you with physical and cosmetic benefits.

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