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Transform your Confidence with Laser Hair Removal St Louis

Are you sick of shaving multiple times a week, or waxing every month? Laser hair removal isn’t a new procedure, recent advances in technology now allow for better results, with less irritation to the skin. The state of the art equipment used here at Find A Better You Med Spa allow for patients to stop in on their lunch break, get a treatment, and head back to work, like any other day. Even better, our laser system uses a specialized dynamic cooling device to protect your skin while it is treated as well as minimize discomfort.


Laser Used

Candela Gentlemax Pro Laser
(Combines 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm & Nd:YAG laser)
Works on all skin types (I-VI)

Target Areas

Is a Doctor Always Present?

Face and Body

Yes, Dr. Sturm is here anytime a laser is being used.
Any laser technician is certified as well.

Laser Hair Removal Before and After Animations:

Armpit Before and After

Back Before and After

Find out if Laser Hair Removal is Right for You

Find A Better You - Laser Hair Removal

What Separates Find A Better You to Most Med Spas?

Here you won't sign any contracts, or small print like other big laser companies. We offer the lowest prices but we don't sacrifice our quality. We use the GentleMax Pro Laser from Candela (also known as the YAG laser) that is able to be used on every person rather than a few types of skin types.  If the Kardashians are using it, it's gotta work right? Most lasers can only do lighter skin on the Fitzpatrick Scale (1-4). With our laser we can do all types of skin including the darker skins (5-6). Also, our laser has a full range of sensitivity for the more sensitive areas. Only at Find A Better You will you get: safe, effective, and affordable laser hair removal.

“I even laser my legs. It’s so much easier than having to shave every single day. I go to my girl at a place [that has the Gentlemax Pro laser (same as Find A Better You Med Spa)]. Kylie goes here, too and we loooove it!!!”

Laser Hair Removal St Louis

-Khloé Kardashian

What is the Fitzpatrick Scale?

The Fitzpatrick scale was developed in 1975. It was made to see how much sun exposure your skin can handle, and to predict your skin pigment's risk of sun damage and cancer. It goes from lightest to darkest (I-VI). Our laser automatically detects your skin type and that prevents burning, and pain that are normal for lesser lasers. Below is a graphic of the Fitzpatrick scale including celebrities that are around that skin type. We made a Fitzpatrick Scale Quiz that you can access here.

Fitzpatrick Scale Explained

What are Laser Hair Treatments like?

Everyone’s treatment plan will be different depending on several factors such as hair color / type, body area, and skin tone. These factors are then used to determine how treatments will be administered to achieve your goals. We can treat anyone with our great GentleMax Pro Laser from Candela. Once the treatment begins, a laser is delivered through a small handheld device used by your practitioner. Once the laser light is directed at the skin, the targeted area then absorbs it, and converts it to heat, effectively killing the hair follicle.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Laser hair removal is not painful, you can feel a little discomfort but we also have numbing cream if needed. After you get laser hair removal, there is no pain. We use a specialized system to minimize any discomfort of the procedure. Micro bursts of cryogen are sprayed on the targeted area just milliseconds before the laser fires. This protects the surrounding cells thereby preventing much of the pain in the first place as well as minimizing post treatment redness.

Can I Tan or be in the Sun while getting Laser Hair Removal?

YES! We get people that say they have been told that they cannot have Laser Hair Removal done during the summer or whenever they are in the sun. The truth is; if your laser technician is PAYING ATTENTION, then they can get it done. For example if you know of a day that you are going to go out and enjoy the sun, we ask you to come in for an early appointment that day and get your treatment done. 

Laser Hair Removal St. Louis Cost

How much would you pay to be hair free in an annoying place? It turns out, its not that much. It's one of the most important questions to ask, is about laser hair removal cost. We use the same laser as the "big name companies" without the big price tag that comes with it, and our laser technicians are certified as well. These offers won't last forever so get them while you can!

Target Areas

Single Treatment

6 Treatments

Small Areas:


-Nipples (Areola): (Breast Area)

-Toes and Feet

-Underarms (Armpits)

-Bikini Line: (Sides)


$58.17 per treatment

$349 - 6 Treatments

Medium Areas:

-Abdomen: (Includes Happy Trail)



-Neck (Men): (Beard Line Front & Back)

-Full Face & Neck
-Arms: (Upper & Lower)

$83.17 per treatment

$499 - 6 Treatments

Large Areas:

-Back: (Includes Shoulders to Waistline)

-Chest (Torso): (Collarbone to Waistline)

-Lower Legs (Includes Knees & Feet)

-Upper Legs (Includes Knees)

$149.83 per treatment

$899 - 6 Treatments

*Prices may vary
**Need at least 24 hours of notice for cancellation for an appointment or will forfeit a treatment 

Single Treatment Costs

Our single treatments cost 1/6th of the 6 treatment price. Whether you need to stay compliant with your laser hair removal treatments while you are away from home, or you just want to pay as you go. You have the flexibility at our spa to choose how you want to pay for your laser hair removal, that you can't get at those "Big Laser Companies".

Laser Hair removal vs Waxing vs Shaving

Laser Hair Removal Areas

A brief description of each area that we can perform laser hair removal.

Treatment Area

Description of Area Covered


Hands including Fingers


Nipples and Breasts Areas


Feet including toes


Both Underarms

Bikini Line

Bikini Sides


Any area on the Ears


Lower Abdomen, Stomach, Navel Line (Happy Trail) 


Entire Genital Area or Modified


Both Buttocks


Both Front and Back of Neck

Full Face

Any Area over the full face (and sides) including: Upper Lip, Chin, Mid Brow, Cheeks, and Sideburns


Includes Shoulders to Waistlines


Includes Collarbones to Waistlines


Upper and Lower Arms (Including Forearms)

Upper Legs

Includes Knee and Up

Lower Legs

Includes Knees and Down

Can Dark Skin Tones get Laser Hair Removal?

YES, any skin color can receive this treatment! There is a myth that dark skin cannot receive Laser Hair Removal, that was once true but not with our laser. Our Candela laser uses the Fitzpatrick scale that can work on any skin color and tone and it gives amazing results! It also can get rid of acne scars and ingrown hairs as a super added bonus. Click here for more information on laser hair removal for darker skin tones.

Laser Hair Removal Before and After

Patient #1
Laser Hair Removal Arms
Before and After


Laser Hair Removal Arms Before


Laser Hair Removal Arms After

Patient #2
Laser Hair Removal Neck
Before and After


Laser Hair Removal Before


Laser Hair Removal After

Patient #3
Hirutism Face
Before and After


Hirsutism Face - Before


Hirsutism Face - After

Patient #4
Laser Hair Removal for Men's
Back Before and After


Laser Hair Removal Before - Back

After (2 Treatments)

Laser Hair Removal After -Back

Are you Dealing with Unwanted & Excessive Facial Hair?

No woman likes to admit having facial hair, but it's one of the most common aesthetic complaints in beauty. Laser Hair Removal on your face is a great way to get rid of unwanted facial hair, known as hirsutism or PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), and it affects millions of women of all ages. Laser hair removal has shown to be extremely helpful in our clients with excessive hair growth in women. Some notice a difference in just one treatment.

This Laser Hair Removal method is more effective and less painful than:

  • Waxing
  • Plucking
  • Shaving
  • Electrolysis
  • Chemical depilatories

IPL Laser vs. Medical Grade Laser

A medical grade laser penetrates deeper (as seen in the graphics below) by targeting the area without targeting the skin. The IPL laser works well on many skin treatments, but is just not as safe or effective as a medical grade laser. For Laser Hair Removal, we only use a medical grade laser (Gentlemax Pro aka YAG Laser) which is most similar to the Motus Ax & AY Deka Alexandrite laser that is used mostly overseas or the Lumenis Splendor X. We use a medical grade laser for a variety of reasons such as: it's safer, and more effective than an IPL laser. To learn more about Laser vs IPL, check out our blog post here.

Medical Grade Laser Graphic

Medical Grade Laser
Monochromatic Coherent Light Source

IPL Laser Graphic

IPL Laser
Broadband Pulsed Light

Find out if Laser Hair Removal is Right for You

How many treatments does it take?

Usually it take 6-8 treatments to fully go away. The reason it take more than one is because the hair growth cycle is in three stages. And you can only go one stage at a time, going deeper until you reach the bottom. Here's a great visual explanation of the process below.

3 Stages of Laser Hair Removal

Where can I have Laser Hair Removal Done?

Anywhere you have hair at, we can remove it in 6-12 months! And if the hair comes back, it's a lot lighter and thinner; so it's harder to see. That includes your: face, chin, arms, armpits, legs, and even a Brazilian. There are instances where we unfortunately cannot perform Laser hair removal: anyone with skin cancer , diagnosed with Melanoma, or are pregnant.

Can I just use a Home Hair Removal device instead?

The home use lasers you see on the internet are not safe. They are actually IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which if not used correctly can: burn retinas, and they remove your hair like a razor and come back the same as a razor. Compare that time to 6-12 months and theres no comparison. Anyone that touches a laser here is Laser Certified. Whoever does your laser hair removal treatment, ask them if they are certified. And when done by a professional it is completely safe, it's not worth the risk or the lack of results from the home IPL lasers.

Interested in a Tattoo?

Before you get a tattoo, make sure to get Laser Hair Removal first. If you have a tattoo in the treated area, the laser will potentially lead to burns, blisters or skin damage. This is because the laser looks for contrast with the hair color, and will treat the tattoo like hair and burn it off. We always inspect the area for tattoos and we will not perform LHR on tattoos. Keep this in mind when thinking of getting a tattoo.

Is Laser Hair Removal for Men?

Yes; Laser Hair Removal is for anyone and works for anyone. If you want more information of Men's Laser Hair Removal check out our Men's Med Spa page.

What if I am under 18?

If you are under 18 years old, you will need to be accompanied by a legal guardian for each visit.

Can LHR help with Ingrown Hairs and Acne?

A huge added benefit is that our laser also helps with ingrown hairs and acne. Our Gentlemax Pro laser gives us the ability to fade acne scarring and discoloration, making it a dual action treatment. How awesome is that!

Do you have the GentleMax Pro Plus Laser?

The GentleMax Pro and the GentleMax Pro Plus lasers are the exact same laser but the pro plus laser has a little bit bigger spot size. Most spas don't use the biggest spot size on the GentleMax Pro as it is. We have the GentleMax Pro laser, which is just as good as the pro plus and if anyone says anything different then it is a sales pitch.


Avoid sun exposure for two weeks prior to your procedure. Also, do not bleach, pluck, or wax 4 to 6 weeks before your treatment. If you have recently tanned, wait for the tan to fade.


Laser treatments have been around for decades now and are infinitely safer than they were many years ago. At Find a Better You Med Spa, we only use the safest and most effective equipment, operated by our highly trained staff.

Recovery Time

Initial redness will last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on skin types. Afterwards simply do not bleach or pluck any remaining hair for 4 to 6 weeks after the treatment.

Contact Us

We will need to talk on the phone to schedule your appointment.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal:

How permanent is laser hair removal?

Everyone is different. It depends on many variables including: hair texture and skin pigmentation.

Is it worth getting laser hair removal?

It is without a doubt worth it. Compared to shaving multiple times a week and or waxing or other hair removal techniques; laser hair removal is easy and not painful compared to other techniques.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Exclusively at Find A Better You, our prices start as low as $349 (6 Treatments). Compare that to the same laser as a competitor for over $7,900.

How painful is laser hair removal?

It depends on the persons pain tolerance but generally its not painful. Imagine getting hit with a rubber band. We have numbing cream as well for the sensitive areas.

How many sessions do you need for laser hair removal?

It typically takes 6-8 treatments.

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