Dr. James Sturm D.O. DABA, FIPP

Doctor Sturm


Doctor of Medicine, Ohio University, USA
Anesthesia Training, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Director of Pain Management Rockford Memorial Hospital
24 years of Experience in Medicine
2017 Master Aesthetic Course Certification
2018 Laser Trained Certified
2018 Botox, Dermal Filled and Chemical Peel Certified
Certification in Cellular Therapies
Body Piercing License

Dr. James Sturm DO, DABA, FIPP, Find A Better You

Dr. Sturm has three degrees first is he is an anesthesiologist, second pain management, and third is intervention pain management. And he is also board certified in aesthetics. He became interested in regenerative medicine many years ago, there had to be a way to help patients/clients without surgeries. He has been doing liposuction for years and has patients flying in for procedures with him. 

Dr. Sturm has worked at the Cleveland Clinic and Rockford Memorial Hospital and has seen and done almost everything from pediatrics to emergency room. Adding Radio Frequency aesthetics procedures to our office was easy for him. Dr. Sturm has specialized in Radio Frequency for over 23+ Years.

His goal is to provide the best medical care for his patients/clients. Dr. Sturm enjoys helping others feel more confident, he loves when patients come back with big smiles. He believes in constantly learning and studying. He wants patients to truly understand what his plan is before starting any procedure. He is happy to discuss research and studies behind any of the procedures we offer in our office. Dr. Sturm can help in the following areas: nutritional therapies, PRP and stem cell therapies, medical weight loss, cosmetic treatments, and of course pain management.

Medical Spa Experts. Call: (636) 205-4070

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