Gentlemax Pro
Skin Treatments

Skin Treatments

The GentleMax Pro is known for laser hair removal; but also treats many other skin treatments including: brown spots, blood vessels, actinic keratosis, psoriasis, and rosacea. The laser is a dual platform laser made by one of the industry’s leaders, Syneron Candela. It's is a dual platform laser using a 755nm Alexandrite laser and a 1064nm Nd:YAG laser, allowing a wide range of treatment options.

Brown Spots Treatment

Also Known As:

Age spots, liver spots, sunspots, skin discolorations, hyperpigmentation, melasma or freckles.

While these spots are harmless, many people think they are unsightly. These spots usually start to appear after age 50 and grow larger as a person ages. Brown spots most frequently appear on the face, the scalp and the hands. The main cause of the brown spots is too much exposure to the sun. Prevention is accomplished with sunscreen, sunblock, and prevention of sun exposure. There are several ways to treat brown spots to reduce their appearance or to remove them.

Brown Spots
Before and After


Brown Spots Before


Brown Spots After - GentleMax Pro

Blood Vessels Treatment

What Does the Laser Remove?

Pigmented lesions, and hemangiomas (an abnormal buildup of blood vessels on the skin or internal organs), rosacea, facial veins, spider veins, and leg veins.

An increased number of very superficial blood vessels, combined with sensitive skin or skin that flushes easily, leads to the increased red appearance of the skin. The GentleMax Pro was specifically developed to target specific types of blood vessels and redness giving Find A Better You Med Spa the latest state of the art technology and versatility needed in tailoring treatments.

Blood Vessels Before and After

Leg Veins Before and After

Leg Veins Removal Before and After - GentleMax Pro

Nose Veins Before and After

Nose Vessels Before and After - GentleMax Pro

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Actinic Keratosis Treatment

Actinic keratosis is a scaly spot found on sun-damaged skin. It is also known as solar keratosis.

Actinic Keratosis Before and After


Actinic Keratosis (Solar Keratosis) Before


Actinic Keratosis (Solar Keratosis) After

Laser Psoriasis Treatment

Laser treatment for Psoriasis using the Candela Gentlemax Pro Laser. We aim to help relieve itching, flakiness and redness. This treatment uses intense, focused doses of laser light to help control areas of mild to moderate psoriasis without harming healthy skin around them.

Laser Rosacea Treatment

The GentleMax Pro laser treatment can reduce (or get rid of) the blood vessels.

Laser treatment can also reduce redness. In a few small studies, lasers were used to treat permanent redness on the face or the redness surrounding acne-like blemishes. Some patients saw a considerable reduction in redness. Most of our clients, however, had about a 20% reduction in redness.

Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

A study showed that all patients dealing with Keratosis Pilaris stated that their lesions improved and were satisfied with the laser treatment (Gentlemax Pro Laser).

Keratosis Pilaris is a common, harmless skin condition that causes dry, rough patches and tiny bumps, often on the: arms, thighs, cheeks or buttocks. The bumps caused by Keratosis Pilaris, usually don't hurt or itch.

GentleMax Pro Skin Treatments

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