Fitzpatrick Scale Quiz

Fitzpatrick Scale Quiz - Laser Hair Removal

Determining your skin type is very important when it comes to many skin treatments, especially laser hair removal; we made a Fitzpatrick Scale quiz for you here. Just answer the questions, then click submit. When you finish; it will tell you your number of points, and a table will show you what Fitzpatrick Skin Scale skin type you are.

How do I find out my Fitzpatrick skin type?

Here's a free Fitzpatrick Scale quiz that doesn't require an email or anything.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type Chart

Fitzpatrick Scale Explained - Saint Peters, MO

Our Laser Hair Removal Prices

Target Areas

Single Treatment

6 Treatments

Small Areas:


-Nipples (Areola): (Breast Area)

-Toes and Feet

-Underarms (Armpits)

-Bikini Line: (Sides)


$58.17 per treatment

$349 - 6 Treatments

Medium Areas:

-Abdomen: (Includes Happy Trail)



-Neck (Men): (Beard Line Front & Back)

-Full Face & Neck
-Arms: (Upper & Lower)

$83.17 per treatment

$499 - 6 Treatments

Large Areas:

-Back: (Includes Shoulders to Waistline)

-Chest (Torso): (Collarbone to Waistline)

-Lower Legs (Includes Knees & Feet)

-Upper Legs (Includes Knees)

$149.83 per treatment

$899 - 6 Treatments

*Prices may vary slightly

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