Before & After Photos

Here are some of our great clients "before and after" photos. They cover our more popular treatments. These include: Laser Hair Removal, Piercing, Co2RE Fractional Resurfacing, Lumecca, and Sublative. See what you could look like and think of the confidence gained by the beautiful people. All the photos are originals and our clients, they have not been altered or enhanced.

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Laser Hair Removal Before & After


Laser Hair Removal Before - Back

After (2 Treatments)

Laser Hair Removal After -Back

Piercing Examples

Earlobe Piercing

Earlobe Piercing Example

Nose (septum) Piercing

Septum Piercing Example

Navel (belly button) Piercing

Belly Button Piercing (Navel Piercing)

Navel (belly button) Piercing

Navel Belly Button Piercing


Co2re - Before Straight
Co2re - Before Right
Co2re - Before Left
Co2re - Before Up Right
Co2re - Before Up Left

1 Month After

Co2re - After Straight
Co2re - After Up Right
Co2re - After Up Left
Co2re - After Left
Co2re - After Right


Co2re - Before Straight

7 Days After

Co2re - 7 Days After Straight

1 Month After

Co2re - 1 Month After Straight

5 Months After

Co2re - 5 Months After Straight

Find out if a Treatment is Right for You


Microneedling Face Before


Microneedling Face After


Lumecca Sublative - Before


Lumecca Sublative - After


Port Wine Stains Before

After (19 Treatments)

Port Wine Stains After 19 Treatments

Before and After

Before  After - Sublative

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