Vaginal Rejuvenation for
Urinary Incontinence

What to Know about Vaginal Rejuvenation for Urinary Incontinence


Vaginal Rejuvenation for Urinary Incontinence is a series of laser treatments by which the vaginal walls are strengthened and toned using safe, quick, and non-surgical procedures.

The Ideal Candidate

Women who experience one of the following: experiences soreness or pain with sexual activity or exercise, sensation during intercourse has been significantly reduced after having children, or have leakage while sneezing.

Target Areas

Vaginal Area

Animation of Vaginal Rejuvenation

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a series of laser treatments by which the vaginal walls are strengthened and toned using safe, quick, and non-surgical procedures. There are three different procedures available depending on which symptoms a patient may be suffering from.

But all are painless with the most severe issue being mild discomfort in cased of vaginal dryness upon insertion of the laser hand piece. What makes this even better is that treatments are usually about 10 minutes and require no down time. Even better, most people report immediate results. When polled, the results speak for themselves.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Saint Peters, MO

Can Vaginal Rejuvenation help with my Urinary Incontinence?

Women's Intimate Wellness

Loss of vaginal tone can be a side effect of natural childbirth and aging. Over time, the vaginal wall. Which contains collagen fibers, can stretch and lose tissue tone and elasticity. Unwanted personal stress can be caused by leaking urine when sneezing or coughing due to loose vaginal tone.

Women may experience unwanted pigmentary changes in the vulvar area. Painful intercourse, itching, or burning in the genital area can occur as we age. Reduced estrogen levels can lead to a loss of vaginal lubrication.

With our CO2RE Intima laser, we can now treat these symptoms without medication or surgery. Therefore; women can regain their intimate wellness in a painless, non-surgical, and a proven treatment.

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • Restores vaginal health, function, and appearance
  • Reduces "leaking" urinary incontinence
  • Tightens vaginal internal walls and external labia
  • Reduces itchiness and dryness
  • Quick, non-surgical, in-office, no-downtime procedure

What is a Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment like?

When performing external vulva treatments with the CO2RE Intima laser, a sterile hand piece (one time use) is used on the treatment area. The device is carefully positioned over the specific soft tissues targeted for treatment, delivering a gentle laser energy. This process leads to a transformation of the labial and vulvar tissues, enhancing their flexibility, shape, while also improving skin pigmentation and tone.

The articulated arm is designed for effortless use, being lightweight and capable of 360 degree rotation.

For internal vaginal canal treatments, the CO2RE Intima utilizes a sterile, single-use hand piece attached to a tube, which is inserted into the vaginal canal. The laser energy is emitted in a 360 degree pattern from inside the vagina. The hand piece is initially positioned at the upper part of the vagina, delivering laser energy while gradually moving downwards to treat each section, until it reaches the vaginal opening. The tube is rotated to address every segment of the vaginal wall, ensuring comprehensive treatment. The laser energy triggers a healing response within the tissues, resulting in a remodeling of the soft tissues for improved flexibility and shape, as well as increased moisture levels within the vaginal canal.


Your first visit will be a consultation, to discuss your options and develop a plan that will work for you. After your consultation, your first appointment will be scheduled within 2 weeks.

Is It Permanent?

As with everything, time will eventually cause all skin to loosen. A once-a-year single treatment is recommended to maintain symptom relief.

Recovery Time

There is no recover time. The procedure if quick and painless and can be fit into to the period of a lunch break.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vaginal Rejuvenation for Urinary Incontinence:

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation for Urinary Incontinence like?

The laser treatment is a simple, non-surgical procedure. Our physician will deliver gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall that stimulates a healing response and enhances moisture levels in the vaginal canal. This results in remodeling of the tissue fibers. Therefore, restoring flexibility and shape. The procedure works with both short and long term relief in a painless, non-surgical, proven treatment.

How long does the vaginal laser treatment last?

It is a series of up to 3 treatments. Each treatment last about 10 minutes. A once a year treatment is recommended to maintain symptom relief.

How much does Vaginal Rejuvenation Cost?

The cost is $350 per session. It is a lot cheaper than a surgery option, we also do not charge extra for laser costs. *Prices May Vary

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment itself is painless. Some patients report mild discomfort with the laser hand-piece tip insertion during the first procedure due to vaginal dryness.

How soon does it work?

Many patients have reported that they have experienced relief immediately. Virtually all patients have relief after one treatment.

Is Vaginal Rejuvenation / Urinary Incontinence Safe?

The treatment is safe and effective with mild to no discomfort. Also it comes with very little downtime.

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