Transgender Friendly
Medical Spa

Transgender Friendly Medical Spa

Some of us have our own internal gender that's different than what's on the outside. We are a transgender friendly Med Spa, we accept your internal gender no matter what that may be.

Transgender Friendly Medical Spa

Find out if a Treatment is Right for You

Popular Transgender Treatments

We offer many treatments that range from laser hair removal, skin resurfacing to facials, and much more. 

Laser Hair Removal

Ditching Gender Exclusivity in Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is non-invasive and FDA approved method for achieving permanent hair removal on the face and body. We use the golden standard laser "Gentlemax Pro" by Candela. This laser was chosen by Dr. Sturm because it is: the safest laser out there, and effective against all skin tones and colors. Additionally, a huge benefit of our spa is you will not find a cheaper laser hair removal price for this laser around the Saint Louis area.

Popular areas but not limited to include: underarms, facial hair, bikini line, and legs. Learn about why we can help save you up to $7,900 per area. Also, learn more about laser hair removal here.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Target Areas

Single Treatment

6 Treatments

Small Areas:


-Nipples (Areola): (Breast Area)

-Toes and Feet

-Underarms (Armpits)

-Bikini Line: (Sides)


$58.17 per treatment

$349 - 6 Treatments

Medium Areas:

-Abdomen: (Includes Happy Trail)



-Neck (Men): (Beard Line Front & Back)

-Full Face & Neck
-Arms: (Upper & Lower)

$83.17 per treatment

$499 - 6 Treatments

Large Areas:

-Back: (Includes Shoulders to Waistline)

-Chest (Torso): (Collarbone to Waistline)

-Lower Legs (Includes Knees & Feet)

-Upper Legs (Includes Knees)

$149.83 per treatment

$899 - 6 Treatments

Skin Resurfacing

We offer a variety of effective non or minimally-invasive skin resurfacing treatments. These include a number of cosmetic treatments that can be performed to improve the appearance and health of the skin. Resurfacing procedures can decrease wrinkles, fade age spots and other discolorations, and tone and tighten for smooth skin. Popular treatments include: sublative rejuvenation, and LED light therapy.

Transgender Med Spa

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