IPL Laser vs. Medical Grade Laser

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IPL Laser vs. Medical Grade Laser

It can be very misleading to see "laser treatments" at a med spa near you. Especially when there are two types of lasers when dealing with laser hair removal. IPL lasers (Intense Pulsed Light) and a medical grade laser (such as the laser we use, YAG Gentlemax Pro Laser). A medical grade laser penetrates deeper (as seen in the graphics below) by targeting the area without targeting the skin. The IPL laser works well on many skin treatments, but is just not as safe or effective as a medical grade laser.

Medical Grade Laser Graphic

Medical Grade Laser
Monochromatic Coherent Light Source

IPL Laser Graphic

IPL Laser
Broadband Pulsed Light

Why do certain Spa's use IPL Lasers?

IPL lasers are very good for certain skin treatments such a Lumecca IPL, they are not great for laser hair removal. A spa will usually play it cheap by using only a IPL laser on most of their treatments. You usually only see big companies using the the high end medical grade lasers. That's part of the reason they charge so much for laser hair removal.

Why are other companies with the Same Laser More Expensive than Find A Better You Med Spa?

That is what separates Find A Better You Medical spa from the rest. We charge every customer the same amount. In addition, we don't judge how much the cost is based off what kind of purse the client has, or what kind of car they drive. Our Medical Spa is very transparent on our prices, which are listed here. We will never understand why and how laser hair removal on an area would cost thousands of dollars. 

At Find A Better You, we have Dr. Sturm at the spa at all times, and all of our laser technicians are certified...just ask, we love showing it off! Add the golden standard Candela Gentlemax Pro laser, and you get the best service around!


Now that you know what the positives and negatives of IPL vs Medical Grade Lasers are, you can decide where you want to have your laser hair removal done. We can't stress enough about how important a quality medical grade laser hair removal machine is. In particular the Gentlemax Pro as it takes less treatments and is much more safe and effective than IPL lasers. If you are interested in learning more and the cost of Laser hair removal check out this page. In addition if you would like to sign up for a consultation visit our contact page or give us a call at (636) 205-4070.

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