Is it Safe to Laser Pubic Hair?

Is it Safe to Laser Pubic Hair in St Peters, MO?

In this article, you will learn if it's safe to laser the pubic area including:

Laser hair removal is the best overall way to remove annoying hair anywhere on your body. Basically what it does is it uses a laser that targets hair follicles and zaps it away deeper and deeper until the hair is gone completely or thinner and lighter so you don’t notice them. It has become a very popular service to offer in a spa so much so that many machines perform laser hair removal including Medical-Grade Lasers or IPL machines (basically medical-grade lasers are more safe and effective whereas IPL uses gels which are more dangerous and don’t work as well).

The pubic area is a VERY common area for laser hair removal, and I am going to explain how we do it safely and what to look for when choosing a spa to get laser hair removal done on your pubic hair. Other popular areas for laser hair removal are the face, Brazilian, underarms, bikini, and legs just to name a few.

Understanding Laser Hair Removal

When using a medical-grade laser, laser hair removal is safe and effective. The way a medical-grade laser works is first a blast of cryogen, then a laser targets the hair where the technician is aiming and then zaps the hair away.

There are several different lasers for laser hair removal, but the most common ones are IPL and Medical-Grade lasers. Our research decided the safest and most effective was a medical-grade laser (Gentlemax Pro by Candela). You can usually tell if a spa is using IPL if they are putting gel on you beforehand.

Safety Considerations

The pubic area is very private and sensitive. So if you’re planning on getting laser hair removal done, you want to make sure you are not wasting your time/money, and that it isn’t painful. That’s what makes the Gentlemax Pro laser so special, it will eliminate hair faster, more efficiently, safer, and less painful than most hair removal techniques.

A common myth about laser hair removal is that it will cause hair to grow more dense and frequent. This is not true, it does the opposite because it targets your hair's growth cycle’s 4 stages and your hair gets thinner and weaker after each treatment. Here’s a post about the top 10 myths about laser hair removal.

3 Stages of Laser Hair Removal

Are you Eligible?

There are only a few instances that usually make it impossible to get laser hair removal done. If you are pregnant and breastfeeding, if you have shingles, and if you have an STD. We have a doctor in the office who can answer any questions you may have.

With our medical-grade laser machine, we can do any color skin on the Fitzpatrick Scale (I-VI). This is not the case with a lot of lasers and IPL machines or devices. In the past people with darker skin tones have not been able to get laser hair removal done, now with the YAG laser (which is available with the Gentlemax Pro laser) makes it safe and effective.

Fitzpatrick Scale Explained - Saint Peters, MO

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Pubic Hair

  • Long-term results, and thinner/lighter hair.
  • Has helped those with ingrown hairs that are prominent in the pubic area.
  • Won’t have to shave or not shave as often.

Our Clients Experiences

One of our clients who was dealing with ingrown hairs in the pubic area told us it changed their lives because their ingrown hairs are gone that were giving them so much pain. Usually, the pubic area is more resilient to laser hair removal and can take more treatments than other parts of your body.

We have performed laser hair removal on our clients when they are on their period, but if you do that know that the area is more sensitive but can be done. None of our clients have regretted getting their pubic area done and it makes sense, it is an area that is annoying to shave or painful to wax.


Laser hair removal, particularly for pubic hair, is considered safe and effective when done with a medical-grade laser like the Gentlemax Pro by Candela. This procedure targets hair follicles with precision, gradually reducing hair growth over time. Make sure to find a spa that uses a good medical-grade laser like the Gentlemax Pro rather than IPL machines, which are less effective and potentially riskier.

A medical-grade laser is less painful and more efficient than other methods, it gives long-term results and thinner/lighter hair. Skin color and type are finally not an issue when you use the correct laser and is safe with alexandrite and YAG. Our clients have told us they had life-changing benefits, such as relief from ingrown hairs and reduced need for frequent shaving or waxing. For good reason, laser hair removal is a popular choice for those seeking lasting hair reduction in sensitive areas like the pubic region.

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