Top 10 Myths about Laser Hair Removal

Top Myths about Laser Hair Removal

There are many myths about laser hair removal. Have you ever heard "doesn't laser hair removal hurt?" or even "Isn't laser hair removal the same price as a car?". Here we will debunk those myths and tell you the truth about this amazing treatment so you won't have to waste your time and money on other hair removal or reduction methods like shaving and waxing. With that said here's the top 10 myths on the internet about laser hair removal:

Myth #1: Laser Hair Removal causes hair to grow more dense and frequent

Truth: Laser hair removal doesn’t cause the hair to grow denser or more frequent; it does the exact opposite. Our Candela laser targets the hair growth cycle's 4 stages, and hair becomes weaker and thinner after each treatment.

Myth #2: Laser Hair Removal is not safe

Truth: Laser treatments have been around for decades now and are infinitely safer than they were many years ago. Our lasers target the hair follicles and nothing else. With a certified technician your should be completely safe. At Find a Better You we only use the safest and most effective equipment, operated by our highly trained staff.

Myth #3: Laser Hair Removal exposes you to radiation

Truth: While there are small amounts of radiation in between the light barriers of the laser, it does not exit that space and is in no way harmful to the recipient of laser hair removal.

Myth #4: You can get Permanent Hair Removal in just one sitting or session

Truth: Unfortunately laser hair removal takes around 6-8 sessions to properly stay away. This is because each time you get a treatment, the laser removes the follicles deeper and makes its hard to come back.

Myth #5: Laser Hair Removal causes burns

Truth: When done by a certified technician, your skin should never get burned. The laser targets your hair follicles and not your skin. Our Candela laser is an FDA approved laser that is extremely safe.

Myth #6: Laser Hair Removal is Very Painful

Truth: Laser hair removal is not painful, you can feel a little discomfort but we also have numbing cream if needed. After you get laser hair removal, there is no pain. We use a specialized system to minimize any discomfort of the procedure. Micro bursts of cryogen are sprayed on the targeted area just milliseconds before the laser fires. This protects the surrounding cells thereby preventing much of the pain in the first place as well as minimizing post treatment redness.

Myth #7: Laser Hair Removal is too Expensive for me

Truth: This may be true at other companies but it is very affordable at Find A Better You Med Spa. It is estimated that a person spends over $10,000 on razors in their lifetime, where as with our med spa you can get 6 treatments for as little as $349. Check out the prices and areas here.

Myth #8: Laser Hair Removal is only for Women

Truth: A common misconception is that only women get laser hair removal. Men get laser hair removal all the time and benefit from the treatment greatly. We have a many treatments geared towards men and includes LHR in our Men's Med Spa page

Myth #9: Only certain skin colors can get Laser Hair Removal

Truth: This was once true years ago, but our Candela laser uses the Fitzpatrick scale that can work on any skin color and tone. 

Myth #10: Laser Hair Removal doesn't work on certain hair colors

Truth: Everyone's hair is different, but with our certified laser technicians; we can tackle any hair color.

Where can I get Laser Hair Removal near me and Cheap?

Now that we have debunked the myths about Laser Hair Removal, it's time to learn the facts. Find A Better You Med Spa located in St. Peters, Missouri is a great Medical Spa that offers top notch quality for a fraction of the cost you expect. Schedule a consultation today or call at: (636) 205-4070

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