Men’s Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal for Men

A lot of men are not comfortable with hair on their body and facial hair. Shaving everyday wastes countless hours and money. It’s often assumed that women are the main clients for hair removal. However, a sizable percentage of our hair removal clients are men.

Popular Areas to get Laser Hair Removal

Most men who get Laser Hair Removal get it done in the areas of: the chest, back, face, and neck. Laser Hair Removal has two main advantages for men. First, it permanently removes unwanted hair from anywhere on the body. And secondly, allows men to have minimal upkeep that leads to more time enjoying life.

Why Most Men get Hair Removal

Of course there are some niche markets, such as bodybuilders, swimmers, or cyclists are well aware of the advantages of hair removal on the body and limbs. We are here to tell you that all men are able to take advantage of this amazing technique called Laser Hair Removal to anyone who is uncomfortable with excess body hair.

Body Hygiene

A very special benefit of Laser Hair Removal is the lack of body odor compared to when you have hair. Hairy chests, backs, legs, and even buttocks are perfectly acceptable to many, but associated with less desirable connotations by others. Heavy body hair will trap moisture, and can increase skin irritation and general itchiness in the heat.

Additional Benefits

An added benefit is the solution for those that suffer the irritation and even infections that can accompany the ingrown hairs that are often the result of shaving. Those with especially sensitive skin will also benefit from laser hair removal. Laser Hair Removal effectively prevents hair follicles from growing new hairs, and completely eliminates the need to shave, wax, or apply caustic chemicals to remove hair growth.

Why get Laser Hair Removal?

First and foremost Laser hair removal is an effective way to achieve long-term hair removal; it offers a very low-maintenance way to achieve a well-groomed look for the face and neck. Additionally allows long-term hair removal from other parts of the body or limbs. One of the best benefits is that you can remove hair from your body that might be quite difficult to effectively shave with a razor. Men that shave their heads but suffer from cuts or irritations from razors; Laser Hair Removal is a very attractive alternate to shaving.

Best place to receive Laser Hair Removal

We are very experienced with Laser Hair Removal, along with a host of other non-invasive cosmetic procedures. We can give advice on the most effective way to remove hair, and answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure. Call us at (636) 205-4070 to schedule a free consultation or visit our Laser Hair Removal page or even our Men’s Med Spa page for more info.

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