Benefits of Meal Planning, Part Two

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In part one of our blog series, we talked about a few benefits that come with meal planning, from the convenience factor to the improvement of your eating habits. In the conclusion of our blog series, we will look at a few more benefits that you can come to expect when you hire Find a Better You for all of your St. Louis meal planning needs.


While the idea of fast food seems affordable in theory, ordering out multiple times a week or month can certainly add up. On top of that, for the most part, fast food has a tendency to be unhealthy for you. Even healthier options aren’t usually prepared with fresh ingredients, so even if what you’re eating is better for you than a burger and fries, you’re eating something that’s loaded with preservatives, sodium, and other unhealthy additives. What once appeared to be an affordable and convenient option for you is now far less affordable than you imagined.

Many people have the tendency to think that living a healthy lifestyle and eating healthier is more expensive than not doing so. While in some cases this may be true, it’s entirely possible to be healthy and eat well without spending an exorbitant amount of money. Meal planning is a great way to not only save money, but also be healthier. Planning ahead means that you will be buying ingredients in advance and preparing all the dishes yourself. This means, amongst many other things, that you’ll be saving more money than if you continued to eat out multiple times a week. At the end of the day, you’re investing in your health, and something that will be providing you with lasting results.


Whether if you’re someone who gets stuck in a routine or is easily afraid of trying new things, meal planning is something that will allow you to break both of these habits. It’s very common to find people who have a small handful of things that they enjoy eating and simply choose to rotate these things throughout their weekly meals. In some cases, many people simply do this out of a fear of what they don’t know and an unfamiliarity with other options. Our meal plans feature a variety of dishes, ensuring that you will not only be eating a variety of things throughout your week, but you’ll also be trying new things that may very well become your new favorite dishes.


A common misconception about healthy foods is that they are bland and flavorless, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Our meal plans feature foods that are fresh and delicious and sure to please even the most selective of eaters. You’ll love these dishes so much that you may even forget how healthy they are.

Meal Plans in St. Louis

Those are just a few more examples of the benefits that come with meal planning. Find a Better You is committed to serving people in the greater St. Louis area with high-quality meal planning services. To learn more about how Find a Better You can be of assistance to you, contact us today.

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