6 more Laser Hair Removal Reddit Questions

Answering 6 more questions on Reddit about Laser Hair Removal

People have a lot of questions about laser hair removal on Reddit so I thought it would be helpful for anyone to ask any question they had. So here's a couple of the questions that some Reddit users had, as I'm sure they are some common questions our clients may have as well!

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Question #1

"Is it better to have some visible stubble or as close of a shave as possible? I keep hearing competing advice. One side says if theres no hair then the laser will target the dark root easier, the other says that if theres stubble it’ll attract the laser better and get it to the root easier. "

Answer #1

Shave the area 24 hours before your treatment. The laser looks for the hair follicles and then targets them. So that's a good rule of thumb, just shave 24 hours before the appointment and you will be good.

Question #2

"Is Wellbutrin or Buproprion a no go? I keep reading contradictory things online."

Answer #2

You need to mention this to your laser technician (we ask our clients about this, we found out other big laser companies don't). If you tell your laser technician they can work around those medications (assuming they know what they are doing.) So make sure to make that a point before you are ever touched with a laser, and make sure they take you seriously and you should be all good!

Question #3

"I am confused about if it is okay to use numbing cream or not assuming the Candela laser is being used."

Answer #3

Great question! So to answer your question: yes, numbing cream can definitely be used. Also you shouldn't have to use it, we have had people come to us from other laser companies saying that it really hurts and that they have been burned. So if it's hurting that much, have the laser technician turn down the joules (power of the laser). Because if it hurts too much then it has the possibility of burning you. So I would suggest going without it a session to make sure it's not too painful then using the numbing cream after that.

Question #4

"I'm considering getting my butt crack lasered, but don't know if I should keep my underwear on or off. I don't want to offend the tech, but also want them to have access to all the areas."

Answer #4

You should take them off when they get to that area. Believe me that they have seen EVERYTHING lol. So it's no big deal to them, some laser technicians like to do that area last (if you are doing multiple areas) so I would just wait till they get to that area to take them off. So yeah, they will not get offended at all, they expect that, so no worries!

Question #5

"What laser is the best for hair removal for a white guy with dark hair? Every med spa claims theirs laser is the best. Looking into [a laser machine] for some broken capillaries in my face then saw it’s also used for hair removal but then was googling and saw diode (sp?) laser are best for hair removal? Idk just need to find what is most effective for hair removal for me."

Answer #5

Google is a cesspool of information that the particular laser companies are trying to push on you to make money off you. I would highly suggest the Gentlemax Pro laser. It uses Alexandrite and will target your hairs effectively and safely. It uses a cooling spray right before the laser hits to make it not hurt. Try finding a local spa that has that laser and stay away from the big brands (they will charge thousands more for the same laser treatment).

Question #6

"Why are prices so damn high?"

Answer #6

Great question! Greed unfortunately for the bigger companies. I've heard some companies charging based off what type of car the client drives (no kidding!) We are a small local company and don't have a huge marketing budget and a huge overhead cost. So we have the same laser (gentlemax pro by Candela) as two big brand companies around us and we charge per treatment so that our clients aren't wasting their money on treatments they don't need. So our prices right now are small: $58.17 per treatment | medium: $83.17 per treatment | large: $149.83 per treatment. Which comes to thousands of dollars cheaper than those guys. So we get quotes from clients who went to these companies and compare it to our prices.  Price Comparison

So I would suggest to save yourself money is to find a local spa that uses the candela gentlemax pro laser. Basically if they don't advertise their prices, then they probably are either charging based off how much they think you can afford or way overpriced. So I always say you should never have to finance laser hair removal, your not buying a car, or a down payment on a house....your removing hair lol. I hope that helps 🙂

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