What is Jello Skin?

What is Jello Skin?

If you are anything like me, you are asking yourself what Jello Skin is and who comes up with this stuff. Here's a hint; it has nothing to do with the food jello xD. Well it is the new buzz word in the spa industry thanks to Ava Lee, a beauty enthusiast after receiving a facial from a celebrity esthetician.

What is Jello Skin and what does it mean?

Jello skin is a Tiktok craze recently. It is achieved through balance and health from eating healthy and taking care of your skin. It is defined as skin that is elastic in character similar to jello and the way it bounces back after moving it around.

How do you achieve Jello Skin?

Active lifestyle (walking, riding a bike, hiking) plus eating balanced meals. Be happy, go ahead and laugh. It is important to use facial muscles. It takes more muscles to smile than a resting bitch face we all know that looks like all too well.

You can age gracefully with plump jello like skin.

What are the Benefits to Jello Skin?

Focus is more on overall healthy lifestyle. You need to nourish internally. What you eat is very important to your skin, rebuilding elastic and collagen. Eat a balanced diet filled with fiber and collagen-rich foods.

This is what makes our skin look healthy and the skin more plump. Drinking water is huge! I am not a water drinker and I find a lot of people are not as well. However, super ice cold water, flavor water (watch the sugar) help. I personally use Cirkul (it comes in all kinds of flavors). #notsponsored

Small workouts and self care are extremely important. It will help the body produce and increase collagen which helps slow down aging in your skin. Having a great skin care product is also key. Stop investing in over the counter products that make false promises. You know what I am talking about: the ones you use and push to the back of the cabinet.

Facials help in massaging the face and provide lymphatic draining and de-puffing to the skin for a firmer and supple result (may cost extra, but well worth it). Staying consistent! Jello Skin will not happen overnight, just like you didn’t age to where you are now overnight.

How to achieve Jello Skin?

You need a skin routine special to your skin, a special diet plan, and maybe a facial or two as well. We can help you achieve all of this with one call to our Med Spa at (636) 205-4070.

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