Popular Types of Skin Treatments

Popular Types of Skin Treatments

Everywhere you go these days, one company or another is advertising revolutionary new skin treatments that promise to give you back the skin of your youth. But while many of these treatments and procedures are fads that fade quickly when people realize they don't deliver on the promises they make, there are others that enjoy enduring popularity because they do work and they are able to produce the desired results. These include procedures like laser hair removal, the treatment of scars and spider veins, and even body contouring and sculpting techniques that can give you a body you will love looking at in the mirror. If you've recently noticed some things about yourself that you'd like to change, here's a breakdown of the most popular skin treatments people use to achieve younger looking, healthier, and flawless skin. 

Skin Treatments for Acne Scars, Facial and Spider Veins, and More

Most of the popular skin treatments on the market are ones that are designed to fight the visible signs of aging but also treatments that are meant to give you softer and more even skin, such as:

  • Wrinkle removal
  • Treatment of spider veins
  • Removal of conspicuous veins in the face
  • Treatment of acne scars
  • Elimination of pigmented and vascular lesions

The three most advanced skincare technologies on the market that can address all of these issues and more are:

Lumecca: This breakthrough technology uses intense pulsed light that treats vascular and pigmented lesions by improving your skin's tone and pigmentation. It's a highly efficient treatment that rejuvenates skin in one to two sessions, as opposed to the four to six required with similar technologies. 

Fractora: This non-surgical device uses fractional lasers to accomplish many common goals of popular skin treatments, including tightening skin and providing a more youthful appearance, improving complexion, treating acne scars, and reducing skin irregularities.

Forma: This is another non-surgical treatment that uses thermal technology to achieve deep tissue stimulation. The result of this is a tightening of the skin that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and takes years off your face.

Important Maintenance and Recovery Information About Skin Treatments

Even non-invasive and non-surgical procedures require some preparation and recovery, even if you're able to return to your normal life immediately following treatment. For instance, some treatments will leave your skin slightly red or swollen, and this could last for a couple of hours once the procedure is complete. Other treatments, on the other hand, will have no negative side effects at all.

Similarly, while some procedures will produce results immediately after a single treatment, others like Lumecca will sometimes require multiple treatments over the course of several weeks or months before you'll see the results you were looking to achieve. Other procedures again may only require a single treatment, but it could take two to four weeks before you begin to notice a difference in the appearance of your skin. To prepare yourself, talk to your skin care professional about what you can expect after your treatment in terms of maintenance, recovery, and results.

Keeping Your Skin Young and Healthy with Lifestyle Choices

Getting younger looking skin is a goal that most women share, which is why so many of the popular skin treatments have the goal of producing smoother, plumper, and fresher skin. And while these treatments are effective, there are also habits you can adopt in your daily life to help you maintain your youthful appearance before and after the procedure. Here are a few tips:

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Quit smoking if you do smoke cigarettes or other tobacco products
  • Avoid the sun as much as possible, and wear sun protection 365 days a year (just because it's cold or winter time, that doesn't mean the sun isn't out and UV rays can't affect you)
  • Avoid alcohol, which can dehydrate your skin
  • Wash your face each day with a gentle cleanser
  • Moisturize your skin after bathing and washing

Treatment Options to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair 

How many times have you found yourself in the shower shaving your armpits or legs and thinking you'd give just about anything to never have to go through this again? If this sounds familiar—and it most likely does—then it’ll come as no surprise that another hugely popular skin treatment is laser hair removal.

As the name implies, laser hair removal uses a laser to target and kill individual hair follicles. Not only are laser treatments highly targeted (so you don’t lose hair in places where you actually want it), but they're also highly effective. Plus, newer technologies have drastically reduced the redness, skin irritation, and discomfort associated with these treatments, and fewer sessions are typically required to achieve the same results as with older technologies. However, the number of treatments you may require will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Hair color
  • Skin tone
  • Area of the body where hair is being removed
  • Personal hair removal goals

How to Prepare for a Laser Treatment 

There are some key things you will need to do to prepare for a laser hair removal treatment; otherwise, you risk damaging your skin. The most crucial thing is to avoid the sun for at least two weeks before the procedure date because this could result in severe burns. Similarly, avoid plucking, waxing, and bleaching your hair for about six weeks leading up to the treatment, because this could reduce the effectiveness of the procedure. To avoid damaging your skin afterward, don’t pluck or bleach your hair for another four to six weeks.

Less Popular Hair Removal Alternatives

Shaving has already been mentioned as one of the least popular hair removal options out there, but is it really the worst? Sure, you have to do it every day or every few days, but at least it’s a pain-free process (mind you there are ingrown hairs and razor burn to contend with) that doesn’t require hair to be ripped from your body.

Other common hair removal techniques that women have tried involve a measure of pain, and these include plucking and waxing. Plucking is acceptable if you want to shape hair in an area or only need to remove a few errant hairs, but it’s definitely painful. Waxing is similarly unpleasant, but it's good at removing larger portions of hair at once. The major benefit of these two methods is that your hair won't grow back as quickly as with shaving. Another option is hair removal creams, but while these are pain-free, they use harsh chemicals that can cause major burns if used improperly. When compared to these alternatives, you can see why laser hair removal is the preferred course of action for many women.

These common skin treatments are among the most popular because they are safe, they are effective, and they make women look and feel more beautiful by giving them the skin they deserve. Whether you're battling dark spots, unsightly patches of hair, acne scars, or other problems that often affect your skin, these treatments can correct the problem and give you more youthful and more vibrant skin. To learn more about the procedures that could benefit your skin and complexion, schedule a consultation with Find A Better You today.

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