How to Achieve Dolphin Skin?

How to Achieve Dolphin Skin in St. Louis

Dolphin skin has been a big buzz word recently. We checked it out and thought we would share our thoughts on it, and how we can help you achieve this as well.

CNN reported "dolphin skin" is consumer driven and effectively conveys a look that is easily envisioned. Beyond the more recent trends of dewy, glowing and even glass skin, dolphin skin is "just as much about skin care. It is about strategic makeup application and placement, with a result that it is to make skin look fresh out of water, super-luminous, dewy.

A Great Skincare Routine is Necessary for Dolphin Skin

To achieve this effect, the skin must be healthy and hydrated, including key ingredients to optimize cellular turnover with peptides. This results in a polished, smoother and translucent surface.

The first steps that help achieve this effect is a nightly retinol or retinoid cream, plus other exfoliants. SPF is important when using exfoliants.

The dolphin skin trend, describing it similarly as a complexion with a smooth, glowing, glossy look but not greasy. The key to this is great skin care; dolphin skin, in contrast, is said to be more, "makeup-centric, using products that yield a wet effect and the strategic placement of liquid and powder highlighters for some added dewiness. To create this effect, layering makeup in textures specific to given skin types is key.

Whichever came first, skin care or color, the end goal is clear: dolphin skin requires both great skin care and proper makeup applied to the skin.


Great skin care must be achieved first in order to have smooth, soft skin. Jodie at Find A Better You Med Spa can help you achieve this with our handpicked skincare products, and our skincare professionals to make a skincare routine unique to your skin.  For more information go to our contact page or call for a consultation at (636) 205-4070.

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