Everything you need to Know about Piercings

Everything you need to know about piercing

Who gets piercings?

All types of people are getting piercings from: engineers, mothers, teachers, doctors and even lawyers. There is no single type of person who gets pierced; it is a diverse and growing population. Everyone wants to control one's appearance. This is a normal part of life, piercings are a normal part of life. Younger people are frequently motivated by the desire to fit in. Many are influenced by social media, music, fashion, self expression and friends/family. Employers are more accepting of piercings nowadays. 

Why are people seeking piercings?

Most on their 18th birthday are on the look for piercings to celebrate finally having legal possession of their own body. They are finally considered an adult. Some people do it for sexual gratification depending the location and positioning. Intimate piercings can booster confidence in the bedroom one self as a sexual being. However, others use piercings as a path to restore physical and spiritual health after a trauma, an illness or death of a friend/family member. Some even do it as a stress relief. It is a control of one's existence. 

First piercing area for most?

Parents start at 6 months old piercing children's ears. Other parents want until the child decides to have it done. PROBLEM, most run to the malls and have it done in a window front so everyone can watch. The problem with this is most use piercing guns. Piercing guns can not be sterilized.(Stop and think about that.) These guns are plastic and can not be run through an autoclave. This is why the ear swells and turns red most of the time. You're pushing a blunt object at a high rate of velocity causing trauma and discomfort. Compressing the ear increases the risk for infection, limiting circulation and trapping secretion and bacteria. 

Second most pierced is belly (navel) piercings.

Infections can happen

Infections can happen even in the best of places. Our world is full of microorganisms (germs, include bacteria, fungi and viruses). Not all microorganisms are bad for you, some are actually beneficial. But then you also need to consider viruses, blood borne pathogens such as Hepatitis B, C, and HIV. This is where you want to make sure you are going to a reputable piercing establishment. 

Health conditions and Allergies

Some medical conditions can cause serious issues with piercings. Bleeding disorders, or blood thinners, diabetes, lupus and HIV/AIDS plus other immune system disorders can slow healing times. 

Heart conditions

Infective endocarditis is a potentially deadly infection of the lining of the heart or heart values. Any heart issues a piercer should have a medical release from the cardiologist.


Allergies to metals are huge for obvious reasons. Jewelry made from inferior metals and plated can trigger allergies and sensitivities. What may have been a small reaction in the past can turn into something very large. Latex - please tell your piercer if you are allergic. 

For your own safety please always be up front with any health issues.  

Migration and Rejection of a piercing

Migration can happen for a few reasons. Your body can reject the jewelry and the placement if the piercing is shallow or the diameter is too small. 

Scarring and Permanent physical changes

It can be something as simple as: skin discoloration to a scar, dimple, bump, keloids including a permanent hole. We do not offer some piercings for these reasons. Other reasons we do not offer some piercings is body modification that stretches the skin in large dimensions leaving voids only a plastic surgery is required.

Accidents Happen

Jewelry can be ripped out or caught on things like: blankets, clothes, doing sporting activities, workouts, pets, and children are things that can cause accidents. Simple things like washing your face, the rag can catch on your nose piercing. Removing your shirt can pull a piercing out. Sex can cause piercings to be pulled out. Simple things as your dog licking your face can remove a nose piercing. You need to be cautious at first and then it will become a habit without not even knowing it.  


We are a medical practice not just a medical spa. Dr. Sturm has been a physician for over 30+ years with additional training in piercings.  He has 4 degrees and 6 licenses and graduated 2nd in his medical class. We take piercings very seriously, and make sure our staff is licensed and has continuing education. We have had additional training in piercing. We are not just a physician's office who decided to take on something new without education. We will not numb you before a piercing. (Please do not ask us too. It will not happen)


All piercings have been autoclaved including all instruments after being in the ultrasonic. Our autoclave has weekly spore count testing. Dr. Sturm is a pain management physician and owner of the medical spa we have additional inspections tattoo parlors do not have. 

Your Piercing Day

  • Moral support is always good to have with you so bring a friend or family member with you. Relax, find something calming one hour before your appointment. 
  • Make sure you have a lite snack 1-2 hours beforehand. 
  • To assure you sugar levels are up, drinking a little bit of juice helps keep you from passing out. 
  • If you have diabetes make sure your sugar levels are stable. 
  • You must be sober.
  • You can not be high. No use of marijuana before your appointments.
  • Make sure you are healthy, no colds, flu or Covid or other health issues.
  • Arrive on time.
  • MUST have current driver's license or passport (Military IDs are not accepted, expired IDs will not be accepted)
  • If you're a parent with a child you must bring a birth certificate and photo id for the child.(You must be the guardian (No step parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents cousins, best friends parents etc will not be accepted)
  • Make sure you have the money for the piercing and tip.


Now that you know why most people get piercings and the safest way to get a piercing for you or someone else. Would you rather get a piercing done with a doctor overseeing and always in the building or a tattoo parlor. Easy answer for us. Find A Better You Med Spa offers safe, and affordable piercings for you or someone you care about. Learn more here, or give us a call at (636) 205-4070.

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