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Hi, it’s Jodie. I know almost everyone; but I know patients come and go every day in our office, and may not see me unless you’re sedated in the morning for an injection. But I am still here running things from the back, when I do see patients from time to time I always joke stating “I have escaped from my room”. LOL 

I know we have some new faces in the office; but one small detail I require is for everyone to work, and not short cut.

If you have been in our office lately, I am sure you have seen all the information about the new business Dr. Sturm has opened. Dr. James Sturm is dedicated to helping everyone he is always learning from reading studies to books. If you have been with Dr. Sturm you know his dedication to his patients. Dr. Sturm gradated second in his medical class but he has a heart of gold. He has not let this go to his head like most doctors. He chooses to educate his patients, so he is not afraid of telling someone NO, if something is not being done for the right reason or purpose. He believes he has a moral obligation to do the right thing for his patients. Dr. Sturm is Board Certified in Aesthetics by the American Academy of Aesthetics Medicine on top of being trained by Dr. Jeffrey Kline the inventor of Tumescent Liposuction.

Dr. Sturm has been trained by Inmode and Candela for all the lasers in the office. He went about it in a different way to purchase his lasers. He went to RealSelf.com and saw what was getting the best results for the patients versus listening to all the sales representatives telling how great every laser on the market was better than the next. 

“I want to give the patients what they want, but at a reasonable price. I am not into gouging my patients."

- Dr. James Sturm -

Most people do not understand how or why Dr. Sturm got involved with aesthetics to begin with, so let me tell you a little story. Dr. Sturm and I went to a course in Utah. (I’m sure most of you remember us being out of the office for training in 2017). We went to a PRP (Plasma Rich Platelet) course and Stem Cell when across the hall, was someone telling us how you can get stem cell from fat. (This is true)Dr. Sturm said you can’t just pull a small amount out and leave someone with a davit. So this is when he started researching liposuction. He was reading anything he could find, because again he wants the right thing for his patients. As he was researching and reading study after study, he realized the best stem cell is from bone marrow. Meanwhile, he still decided to do more research on liposuction, and came across fat transfers. Finally, you can move the unwanted fat to an area you want enlarged such as breast or butt. Again, he did more research reading more studies and finding every book he could read. We went on several training adventures: from New York to Florida to California to Texas to Utah. The one thing Dr. Sturm prides himself on is learning. A Lot of doctors go into this business for the money. Well, Dr. Sturm doesn’t mind the money however he does put almost all of it back into the business. He takes home probably as much as I do running two practices for him. He said I want to give the patients what they want, but at a reasonable price, “I am not into gouging my patients”. So yes, our prices are lower than most doctors and that is one of the reasons. Yes, we have the same lasers as our competitors but we believe in charging for service. We have made sure that anyone who runs one of our lasers is trained and certified. You will find spas and other medical spas letting staff run lasers and call themselves laser technician without being professionally trained, this goes from your upscale to the most advertised spas. So please ask to see the certification, it should be posted. 

So with all of that knowledge now I want to tell you about what Find A Better You has to offer you. We do everything from: Friday Facials, age spot removal, sunspot removal, scar removal, we can help with acne, laser hair removal that’s right ladies and men no more shaving, bridal spa parties, IPL get your glow on before you take the next family photos, we can help with: the double chins, the wobbly arms, and even that little fat pocket you can’t seem to lose no matter what you do, and so much more. So please check out our website for not just Arch Advanced Pain Management but also "Find A Better You" both links are attached. We offer care credit for any of the services. So come check us out and if interested call and set up a consultation, we do ask for 50 dollar deposit which is applied to your service. You deserve to be pampered and who better than the doctor you already know and trust.

Jodie Uhlemeyer



Are your Medical Assistants certified to work a laser?

Are your Medical Assistants certified to work a laser?

Even the best doctor’s office or Medical Spa in St. Louis may have laser technician/medical assistant that may not be certified. This is something most people do not think about, we assume the medical spa is running a legitimate business!

Laser Technicians Certified - Saint Peters MedSpa

There is a large cost in providing laser services in a Spa. Every laser is over $100,000 to buy new, adding on the training cost, and $10,000 dollar warranty per machine for a one year increases that cost to own. In St. Louis the nicest and most expensive spas will cut cost somewhere. Question is: Are you willing to take the chance?

You have the right to ask questions:

  • Is the staff running the laser trained? 
  • Are they trained on that laser, and by whom?
  • Was it someone in house? If so, that is not a certified laser technician.

This is how spas cut cost. Even if they went to a school to become a laser technician does not mean they have been trained correctly to run the laser they are using. All laser companies employ staff that travel around the USA to train doctors and staff how to work and maintain that laser.

Think of this way, we have all played telephone with cans and a string. If they are trained in house more than likely they learned from someone who learned from someone else. Was the message the same by the time it reached the last person? Probably not!

A Medical Spas that are run correctly will not do this. They will post the certification for everyone to see. They are proud of it. When scheduling an appointment for laser, ask good questions about the machines being used on you.

So ask the questions, don’t assume because you’re in a Clayton, Ballwin, Chesterfield, high class expensive Medical spa that they know what they are doing. If you’re at a Medical Spa you have to be seen by the doctor in Missouri. So ask yourself this, if you go to a spa and there is no doctor in house who is supervising the laser technician or medical assistant?
Is the spa really on the up and up??