Safe Earlobe Piercing

How to Pierce your Earlobe Safely

Earlobe Piercing is the most common piercing; once mostly used by females, now is commonplace for all genders. Piercing guns began to become more common especially, in shopping malls. But as the years have gone by, we have learned that piercing guns are not the best or safest way to pierce an earlobe. Choosing a place to get your ears pierced is a big decision, so you want to do it right.

Safety is a big factor, and let's be honest; you're not getting that at a cheap shop in the mall. We have a triple board-certified doctor who will be able to ask any questions and oversee our piercings in the building. That's what you get at Find A Better You Med Spa. There are 2 types of  earlobe piercing, Piercing Needles and Piercing guns.

Piercing Gun vs Needle Piercings

There are two types of piercings: piercing guns, and needle piercing. But which is better?

Piercing Guns vs Piercing Needles

Needle Piercings

Needle piercings use a sterilized, single-use sharp needle that uses a precise entry that won't leave you with significant tissue damage like a piercing gun can. This type of piercing is also used for other areas of the body.

Piercing Guns

A piercing gun uses blunt force to make a hole with the sharpness of a thumbtack through an earlobe, which tears and damages the earlobe compared to a needle. The Association of Professional Piercers does not endorse the use of piercing guns. It is only done on the ear lobes.

Which is Better?

Needle Piercing wins easily. That is why we use it at Find A Better You Med Spa.

Aftercare for Earlobe Piercing

The earlobe piercing healing time is 6-10 weeks


Use saline wound wash. Make sure to avoid: saline nasal spray, contact solution, or any homemade solutions.


With clean hands; moisten a Q-tip or gauze with a saline solution and apply it to the pierced area for around 30 seconds. Avoid moving or rotating your jewelry that was just pierced (it will break apart any scabbing, preventing it from healing correctly).


Clean twice daily until the healing process is complete.

What to Expect: 

For the first 2 weeks, you should expect some or all of the following: swelling, redness, tenderness, bruising, bleeding, and possible discharge (white-yellowish plasma). Be patient and wait for the entire healing time duration and keep up with the cleaning; even though the outside may seem to be healed, the innermost tissue heals slower.

What to Avoid:

Do not use alcohol, peroxide soap, or bactine when cleaning (these will dry out the piercing). Avoid soaking your piercing area in water (showers are fine). Avoid ointments, sunscreens, lotions, oils, or any creams around the piercing area. Avoid sleeping on the piercing or they will not heal.

Earlobe Piercing Example

Earlobe Piercing Example

Find out if Earlobe Piercings is Right for You

Who will Pierce my Ear?

A certified piercer will pierce your earlobe.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Make sure to bring a valid ID, if you have a child read below.

How old does my child have to be to get an earlobe piercing?

Your child needs to be over the age of 5 years old.

Do I need to bring an ID for myself and my child?

Yes, we need an ID and Child birth certificate last names need to match. Anyone under the age of 18 must bring ID and a Legal guardian must be present and sign consent.


We will need to talk on the phone to schedule your appointment.

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