What You Need to Know about Nanoneedling in St. Peters, MO


The Ideal Candidate

Nanoneedling stimulates collagen production in the skin by painlessly and safely infusing active ingredients through thousands of microscopic channels.

Anyone showing signs of aging skin, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, large pores, or scarring.


Is a Doctor Always Present?

Single Treatment - $135

Package of 4 Treatments - $400 (Saves $140)

Yes, Dr. Sturm is here anytime a laser is being used.
Any laser technician is certified as well.

Benefits of Nano Needling

Find out if Nanoneedling is Right for You

What is Nanoneedling?

Nanoneedling is a relatively newer procedure compared to Microneedling. It is non-invasive and penetrates the top .25mm of the epidermis.

It’s through these channels that serums can address different skin issues. It can increase the absorption rate of by up to 95%. All while the skin’s collagen production is stimulated.

The boost in collagen production, coupled with the serums works their magic on the skin. You should a notice reduction in scarring and hyperpigmentation and an even lessened appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! That’s exactly how Nanoneedling renews the skin.

Target Issues of Nanoneedling

Nanoneedling is used to work on different target issues. This treatment is most commonly used to address the following concerns:

  • Aging skin
  • Scarring & Acne Scarring
  • Large Pores
  • Fine lines
  • Hyperpigmentation

Nanoneedling Benefits

Nano-needling works by enhancing the skin’s ability to absorb serums that are beneficial for the skin. Nanoneedling triggers the skin’s natural regenerative processes. It boosts collagen and elastin production, which allows the skin to heal and address different target issues.

Major benefits, Nano-needling can also do the following:

  • Increase skin smoothness and hydration
  • Exfoliate the skin
  • Improve microcirculation in treated skin
  • Even our skin tone
  • Improve skin texture and acne scarring
  • Make lines and wrinkles less noticeable
  • Make the skin healthier and firmer

The benefits of Nanoneedling include pigmentation reduction, increased cell turnover, an increase in lift and tone, and an immediate glow with no downtime!

Nanoneedling Cost

Our prices at Find A Better You Med Spa are:

Single Treatment - $135
Package of 4 Treatments - $400 (Saves $140)

Find out if Nanoneedling is Right for You

Nanoneedling Frequency & Maintenance

For optimum results, we recommend a course of 4 weekly treatments, followed by one treatment done every other week for 4 weeks, then one maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks thereafter.

It is important to follow a professionally recommended skin care regimen featuring appropriate, high-quality products to achieve optimum results.

Nanoneedling After Care:

  • Always use sunscreen after treatment.
  • No sun exposure & no tanning beds (for 3 days after treatment)
  • No sweating (for 3 days after treatment)

Is Nanoneedling safe?

Nanoneedling can be safely performed on all skin types and colors (just make sure you are going to someone who knows what they are doing). There is no risk of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation as the melanocytes remain intact (as long as post-care instructions are followed). This treatment is highly effective if you’re hoping to reduce the appearance of fine lines (especially around the eyes and lips), improve the tone and texture of your skin, shrink the appearance of your pore size, reduce pigmentation, or lift and firm the skin.

Nanoneedling vs Microneedling

The biggest difference between Nanoneedling and Microneedling is how deep the needles penetrate the skin. Nanoneedling punctures the top .25mm of the epidermis, while Microneedling can go to 3mm deep.

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