Facials for Teens

What You Need to Know about Facials for Teens


Teen Facials are a great way to help teenagers skin conditions, we have made these facials for teens specifically.

The Ideal Candidate

Pre-teens from 5th grade and up to 19 years old.

Target Areas



Facials Mask

Pre-Teens (Fifth grade to Six Grade) 

This is the perfect time to teach how to take care of their skin properly. These years can be so hard, with fluctuating hormones that start changing their skin. The perfect facials for pre-teens are fun. Speaking to your pre-teen now benefits them to be proactive and also learn how to avoid pimples, blackheads and bacteria.It important learning the benefits of a deep cleaning with products that will help them maintain the health and integrity of their skin without compromising pH levels. By starting now they can reduce acne scarring and even avoid sun damage.

Mid-Teens (Seventh - Eight grade)

Teens are struggling with stress due to hectic schedules and other daily triggers plus acne breakouts. By this age group, they need to acquire the ability to  learn stress reducing benefits of frequenting a spa and taking great care of their skin. Learning how to care for the health of their skin to reduce breakouts due to stress, redness and inflammation. Helping increase self esteem helps build for a stronger teenager as they enter high school.  

Gen Z - Teenagers (Ninth Grade and Up)

Your late teens are probably suffering from acne scarring which lowers self esteem. They are  actively seeking treatments that will help clear up their complexion. We are here to teach them how to get breakouts under control. Let them experience healthy skin techniques that will help them through high school and into college. 

Skin health and wellness is most important in their early adult years.
Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by parent during any treatment.

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Pre-Teen Facials Soothing and Relaxation

$75 Facials for 50 Minutes:

-Chocolate Moon Pie Facial

-Shea Sugar Smoothie Facial

-Vanilla Bean & Fig Facial

-Lavender O-Berries Yogurt Facial

Mid-Teen Facials

$75 Facials for 50 Minutes:

-That’ Zit Facial

-Chocolate O-Strawberry Facial (Pore Refining & Nourishing)

-Banana Havana Facial (Heavenly)

-Green Tea Parfait Facial (Pore Refining & Pigment Correcting)

Gen Z - Teenager Facials - All Facials listed for Pre-Mid Teen Plus:

$75 Facials for 50 Minutes:

-Citrus Juice Facial (Vitamin C Clarifying)

-Cucumber Coconut Grass Facial (Vitamin Rehydration)

-Orange Banana Peel Facial (Soft Resurfacing)

-Sinus Rein-E-Tea Facial (Sinus Relief)

-New Dew Facial (Healthy Skin Probiotic)

CBD/Hemp Facials (16 years or Older with Parent Approval)

$75 Facials for 50 Minutes:

-Groovy Greens Facial (Nourishing)

-Starry Skin Facial (Amplifying)

-Hoppy Face Hoppy Life Facial (Deep Cleansing)

-Seaberry Orange Facial (Hydration)

-Milk Poppy Facial (Softening & Soothing)

-Groovy Moon Facial (Replenishing)

-Dream Weaver Facial (Sublime Illumination)

*Prices May Vary

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Facials for Teens

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