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What You Need to Know about Facials


Facials are a great way to both: enjoy a relaxing experience, and a non surgical way to help re-invigorate your skin in a variety of ways.

The Ideal Candidate

Anyone who wants better skin, and wants to have a relaxing time.

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All Facials (each): $75 for 50 minutes

Best St Peters Acne Facial with CBD

Acne Facial with CBD

Acne- stem from inflammation, sebaceous gland imbalance and overactive immune response. CBD’s qualities make it helpful in resolving skin problems. CBD holds promise as an antibacterial agent against acne.

Read more about our Acne Facial with CBD.

Best St Peters Clay Facials

Clay Facial

Your awakening begins with our creamy, hydrating Green Tea Milk Wash cleanser.

Read More about our Clay Facial.

Best St Peters Vitamin C Facials

Vitamin C Facial

Vitamin C can help fade pigmentation (more on this below!) and smooth the skin’s surface to reduce dullness. This gives skin a youthful glow. Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, one of the main vitamin C derivatives to have a hydrating effect on skin. It decreases transepidermal water loss, allowing your skin to better retain moisture.

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Best St Peters Raw Honey Yogurt Oatmeal Facials

Raw Honey Yogurt Oatmeal Facial

Oatmeal is suitable for all skin types, and even for the most sensitive skin because of its anti- inflammatory properties. Can help draw excess oils from skin surface, soothing irritation and epidermal anxiety.

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Best St Peters Avocado Facials

Avocado Facial

Avocado contains vitamins A and E, these two vitamins are responsible for skin moisturization, and getting it from a natural source is the best thing you can do for your dry skin.

Read More about our Avocado Facial.

Best St Peters LED Light Therapy Facials

LED Light Therapy Facial

Combines a facial with the Celluma Pro LED Light Therapy Treatment.

Read More about our LED Light Therapy Facial.

Best St Peters Tapioca Pudding Facials

Tapioca Pudding Facial

This wholesome, skin-renewing facial brings a sunny, healthy glow.

Read More about our Tapioca Pudding Facial.

Lip scrub/balm treatment- Leaves your lips as soft as a ducks butt
And take it home with you!

Extended Face Massage

CBD Boost

Sounds Like a Good Time Right?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Facials:

What does a facial do?

Facials cleanse the skin it can prevent aging increase blood circulation and rejuvenate your skin all while detoxify your skin. Facials reduce stress and can also help relieve psychological distress studies have shown. Remember everyone's skin is different, so please do not walk in stating I want whatever she is getting.

How often should one do a facial?

The Idea for a facial is to moisturise the skin. Your skin is with you, your whole life so why not take care of it. It's a person's first impression when meeting someone. The skin is an amazing barrier, and so it takes a long time for things to get through it. Generally every 3-4 weeks is recommended to maintain a healthy skin regimen. This is how long it takes for your skin to go through a life cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation. But a facial every 3-4 weeks is not going to fix years of wear in tear.If you want to keep that glow, your home care is vital in your skin care. Understand using the same products at home, that you receive at the spa for the facial is important. Mixing products can result in breakouts.

Are facials worth it?

Yes, skin needs moisture and pampering yourself is not a bad thing on top of it. A really good facial can slow the aging process down. However, if you're looking for the WOW effect add microneedling to your facials. Microneedling facials, is were very thin needles puncture the skin in order to increase collagen. Studies have shown microneedling—by triggering collagen formation and skin remodeling—is an effective treatment for reducing the visibility of wrinkles and scars. Reasoning, they’re punching all the way through the top layer of the skin, they create these channels of injury that may allow better penetration of topical treatments. Better penetration is crucial, because some of the things science says can benefit your skin—from vitamins C and E to retinoids and collagen-stimulators—break down when exposed to oxygen and UV light.

How much does a facial cost at Find A Better You Med Spa?

$75 at our Med Spa.

Do facials remove blackheads?

Yes, pimples and blackheads can be removed by someone trained to do them.

Do and don'ts after facial?

Aftercare is as important as the treatment itself, keeping a healthy skin care routine is vital. Evidence shows that sun exposure ages skin. A recent study found that UV-light exposure accounts for 80% of visible facial aging so sunscreen is extremely important. Drink plenty of water to remove toxins. Keep your skin moisturized.

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