What You Need to Know about Facials


Facials are a great way to both: enjoy a relaxing experience, and a non surgical way to help re-invigorate your skin in a variety of ways.

The Ideal Candidate

Anyone who wants better skin, and wants to have a relaxing time.

Target Areas



Facials Mask

At Find a Better You, We formulate masks according to each client’s unique skin type. We take into account seasonal transitions, hormones, stress, lifestyle behaviors and other lifestyle factors. Just like an experienced chef creates a table-side dish for a client at a high end restaurant, we have the talent and skills to customize and formulate the perfect mask for a client’s needs… and elevate the client’s experience in the process. Masks provide infinite possibilities for just about any skin type and condition. Regardless if you have dry, oily, acne-prone, hyper-pigmented, sensitive, irritated or mature. We can release the inner beauty, you have been hiding!

Facials - Find A Better You

At Find A Better You, we offer a wide variety of facials. Our facial therapies help you target skin concerns and maintain healthy, youthful skin with natural, organic products bursting with fresh ingredients. Using natural ingredients, each facial is customized for your skin type and specific skin condition. As always; give us a call and we would love to answer any questions here.

Slimming World Facials Magazine

30 Minutes for $50:


Radiant Express Facial - Event Boost

Get aboard the radiant express. 30mins steam powered revival for pale sallow skin. This full on oxygenating skin tightening, circulation heightening steam towel facial begins with minty fresh cleanser followed by rich antioxidants and hot steam towel set in a special gel for a hot kick that stimulates as it tones. Leaving you with youthful radiant complexation.


RESET Facial - Calming & Moisturizing

Reclaim the moisture in your skin with a double cleanser wash to remove any excess impurities. Following up with a balancing toner to bring the PH balance to your skin. Boost the results with a light weight multivitamin anti-aging serum to help hydrate and help the skin glow again. Applying renewal cream this is the most important step to achieve luminosity. Before leaving daily sun shield SPF 50 screen to protect your efforts and add a natural glow.

Facials are Just a Click Away

60 Minutes for $65:


Nectar Glow Facial - Lifting and Firming

Let your beauty blossom and freshen your complexation with a sweet treat. Pamper your skin berry tonic. Followed by steaming towels that have been soaked in nectar which will leave your skin soft, calm and moisturized. Next is Shea polish prep complexion for a decadent facial mask that soaks up impurities with its nutrient rich yogurt, oat and honey components. Signature powerhouse serum six times the antioxidants. And ending with moisturizer lessen deep wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes.


Cucumber Avocado Facial - Refresher & Hydrating

Bring new life to dull skin. A creamy cleanser that includes cucumber extract to hydrating your skin. Treat your skin to a natural glow with Avocado butter that locks in moisture, our Signature powerhouse serum six times the antioxidants. And ending with moisturizer lessen deep wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes. Finish off with a custom vibrating massage around the eyes to de-puff and soothe the skin.


Wine & Chocolate Facial - Me Time-Rest & Re-Hydration

Indulge yourself and be pampered with creamy coconut cleanser. Followed by aroma berry tonic, your skin can drink in the hydration and antioxidants. While waiting for the rich dark chocolate CoQ10 Enzyme mask full of vitamins and antioxidants leaving behind a smooth surface. Nutritional super antioxidants made from Texas winery grapes provide a plumped and luscious complexion. Finally crow’s feet are encouraged to run for the hills with peptide serum that targets deep wrinkles and surface lines.
Stress Reduction Add on: Wine Poached Pear wrap-Hands & feet wrap $20


Honey You Got This Facial - Recovery Facial

This invigorating treatment is the ideal antidote to tired dehydrated skin. First enjoy the gentle wash with the aroma fruit your skin will dazzle with delight. Next your freshly cleansed complexation will be treated with raw honey, yogurt and oats designed to soothe and clarify with a relaxing mask. Wine infused serum proven to reduce pore size and fine lines. Ageless moisturizer provides the perfect hydration backed with wrinkle-performing peptides that feel instantly firming. An application of advanced peptides finishes the fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes.
Add On-Honey Heel Glaze foot wraps $20
Honey Glazed Marshmallow foot wrap $20


Sinus Soother Facial

Un-stuff your sinuses; begin with a hot towel treatment steeped in Rosemary mint tea. Followed with a massaging face wash to open your sinuses. Vitamin tonic for vital nourishments your skin needs. Next is cucumber buffing mask and avocado mask removed with a hot steeped towel? Treat your complexation with an intoxicating serum loaded with good for skin resveratrol and antioxidants. Ending with a clinically tested serum, that helps to ease the look of pesky crow’s feet. Ahh, breathe deep knowing your sinuses are relieved.

90 Minutes for $120


HI-Bio Hemp Dream Weaver - Full Spectrum

Do you wanna chill? Come in for our chilliest Facial includes CBD/Hemp Infused Products. Hemp Cleanse made with soothing botanicals calming cannabinoids rich full spectrum hemp oil. CBD Mask with be placed for soothing and relaxing thoughts run through your head. Two part radiance delivers moisture to the skin. Ending your facial with powerhouse eye serum and a custom vibrating eye massage.

Add ons: 
Head in the clouds-CBD scalp massage $15 (Revitalizing)
Canna Peace CBD-head & neck massage $20 (Stress relief)
Cool Rush CBD-rosemary mint compress $15 (Sinus soother)
Steaming Canna Wrap- Hands & feet wrap $20 (Relax tired muscles)
CBD Sunflower Feet Massage $20 (Relax tired feet)

Special Valentine's Day Facials

$80 Each / $65 with Membership


Sugarberry Wine Down Facial

Sugarberry Wine Down Facials

This delectable berry-wine treatment is full of vitamin delight! It begins with a nectar whole milk wrap to calm and soothe winter skin, as you’re nestled in warm relaxation. Rasmopolitan sea salt scrub, with organic vodka and fresh raspberry extract, clears away rough spots. Next, you’re painted with a super antioxidant resveratrol serum blend made from Texas winery grapes – a cocktail of a bioactive fruit compound to help reduce the look of pores blended with organic chamomile flower extract to soothe skin. – this is one cocktail that won’t leave you with dancing regrets! End with a Whoopie white velvet buttercream scented shea massage, you’ll be vitamin and hydration-full for weeks!


Chocolate & Strawberries Facial

Chocolate and strawberries Facial

We’re not sure if it’s the wine or the love in the air, but this treatment feels like cloud nine! A calming milk wash wipes the slate clean. Then, skin experiences a strawberry and lavender extract exfoliation with a buffing polish rich in vitamin C – perfect for reducing the appearance of pores and redness with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. A dreamy wrinkle-defending and skin revitalizing chocolate mask with CoQ10 treats skin to a large helping of antioxidants. Next, a pristine rose water and Aronia berry extract tonic is applied to minimize the look of pores, giving skin another deep drink of antioxidants. Ready for more chocolate? Wine not! A cocoa and organic fig vitamin serum is applied to replenish pores from the day’s stresses, adding radiance with vitamins C & E. Finish this lavish affair with a Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer and powerhouse eye serum to send crow’s feet packing!


Kiss of Bliss Facial

a kiss of bliss facial

Swoon into a spicy-sweet cinnamon soak as skin is nourished and warmed by grape-seed, olive fruit and orange peel oils. Then, an organic shea butter sugar scrub – you’ll fall madly in love if you’re not careful – transforms rough skin into baby-soft newness. You’ll be painted in an antioxidant-packed CoQ10 cocoa treat – with a devilishly decadent chocolate softening mask. A white coconut and pineapple scented shea and cocoa butter massage finish leaves you in truly delightful relaxation bliss.


Cupid's Cupcake Facial

Cupids cupcake Facial

Relax and soak in a rich effervescent bath of coconut and sweet almonds oils, vitamin E, and a decadent scent of fresh baked whoopie pie desserts. Next, you'll be softened and smoothed with an invigorating Sweet Cream sea salt and rice bran oil exfoliation. Once you're buffed to perfection, enter massage heaven with a whipped, Whoopie! Shea butter, laden with soft notes of white velvet buttercream. Who knew love can be found in a pedi chair!


Under the Desert Moon Facial

Under the desert moon Facial

A specially crafted blend of barley, sandalwood and amurense bark come together in a luxe soak to begin this treatment oasis. Next, an intoxicating whiskey rubdown with brown sugar and rice bran oil quenches dry skin, followed by a firming and toning cactus gel that wraps legs and feet in nourishment as it gently warms on the skin. The journey continues with a light-as-air Moon Dip Body Mousse massage. The advanced peptides hydrate and visibly firm the look of skin, while the soft scent that lingers is truly out of this world. A treatment as relaxing as the desert moon-filled night is long!


Mellow Moon Massage (arms, shoulders, and neck)

Mellow Moon Massage Facial

A renewing body massage for the romantics at heart! We begin this vitamin E-rich treatment with a sultry compressed wrap, infused with soothing sunflower and coconut oil to soften skin to silky suppleness. Arms, legs and shoulders will then dance in love with a peptide and emollient oil body mousse massage. This fluffy moisturizer we’ve dubbed Moon Dip visibly reduces the look of fine lines, while also pulling double-duty to bring out your most natural glow. Enjoyed with a Herbal Thai FarmPress Compress. Who can’t help but fall in love with that?


Red Velvet Facial

Red Velvet Facials

Indulge in the sweeter things in life with this elegant massage, so soothing even cupid will be jealous! This rubdown features the cinnamony scented Red Hot body oil, then massaged with a whipped shea butter that smells reminiscent of a whoopie pie!

Specialist Facials & Massages


Teen Facial - 40 mins for $50

This is slightly condensed facial is designed for the skin care needs of teens and tweens while being more budget friendly to the parents. Students 12-17 must show ID.


Agave Hot Oil Scalp Massage

Warm oil with a hint of invigorating peppermint is applied at the crown and allowed to slowly drizzle down your scalp then is gently messaged into scalp and hair. This is a great leave in treatment for deep conditioning the hair Leave on for an hour or more to full benefits.


24 Karat Gold Facial

Due to the amazing properties of gold, this facial is unlike any other. We utilize pure 24 karat gold to help improve skin and increase relaxation, all while drawing out toxins & giving you a one-of-a-kind experience. In addition, treatment is becoming a favorite of Hollywood’s elite. Learn more about our 24 Karat Gold Facial.

Seasonal Facials

$80 Each / $65 with Membership
Snuggle up in a warm facial bed and enjoy the scents of the season!!!


Minty Cocoa with Marshmallows

Nourishing antioxidants, Vitamin A, rich in antioxidants with aromatic benefits of peppermint helps replenish dry winter skin and reduce the appearance of acne.


Lip Firming and Smoothing Treatment

Dramatically hydrates and reduces fine lines around the mouth to make your lips look and feel smooth and plump.


Peppermint Bliss

This treatment uses a refreshing peppermint oil mask. With antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, this peppermint oil mask is great for reducing acne and clearing acne-causing bacteria on skins surface…Complete with a hot cup of peppermint stick cocoa!
*Each add-on is $10 or 3 for $25


Perky Peppermint 

High in Vitamin C, this facial is great for bringing down redness and inflammation from dry winter skin. Brighten that glow and sooth the appearance of acne and blemishes with the refreshing smell of peppermint.

ADD On to your Facial Experience

Decollete - $10

Adding this service extends your facial service to include the commonly overlooked skin care area of your neckline, your décolleté. Complete with customized products.

Farmhouse Fresh Elbow Rescue Treatment - $10

Application of Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze exfoliator to the elbows, and finishing with Shea Butter application, to treat rough, dry skin.

Heated Moisturizing Hand/Foot Treatments - $5 for feet; $5 for hands

Application of deep moisturizing Shea butter cream to the hands or feet with heated mittens/booties for silky smooth skin.

Heated Exfoliating Hand/Foot Treatments - $10 for feet; $10 for hands

Application of Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze exfoliating serum with heated mitts/booties to treat rough, callused, dry or tired hands/feet, followed by light moisturizing massage with Shea Butter cream.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - $20 - 15 min.

Utilizing light, rhythmic strokes, the therapist manually stimulates the lymphatic system and helps drain puffy, swollen tissue aiding in detoxification. *w/select therapists.

Facials are Just a Call Away

Lip scrub/balm treatment- Leaves your lips as soft as a ducks butt
And take it home with you!

Extended Face Massage

CBD Boost

Sounds Like a Good Time Right?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Facials:

What does a facial do?

Facials cleanse the skin it can prevent aging increase blood circulation and rejuvenate your skin all while detoxify your skin. Facials reduce stress and can also help relieve psychological distress studies have shown. Remember everyone's skin is different, so please do not walk in stating I want whatever she is getting.

How often should one do a facial?

The Idea for a facial is to moisturise the skin. Your skin is with you, your whole life so why not take care of it. It's a person's first impression when meeting someone. The skin is an amazing barrier, and so it takes a long time for things to get through it. Generally every 3-4 weeks is recommended to maintain a healthy skin regimen. This is how long it takes for your skin to go through a life cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation. But a facial every 3-4 weeks is not going to fix years of wear in tear.If you want to keep that glow, your home care is vital in your skin care. Understand using the same products at home, that you receive at the spa for the facial is important. Mixing products can result in breakouts.

Are facials worth it?

Yes, skin needs moisture and pampering yourself is not a bad thing on top of it. A really good facial can slow the aging process down. However, if you're looking for the WOW effect add microneedling to your facials. Microneedling facials, is were very thin needles puncture the skin in order to increase collagen.Studies have shown microneedling—by triggering collagen formation and skin remodeling—is an effective treatment for reducing the visibility of wrinkles and scars. Reasoning, they’re punching all the way through the top layer of the skin, they create these channels of injury that may allow better penetration of topical treatments. Better penetration is crucial, because some of the things science says can benefit your skin—from vitamins C and E to retinoids and collagen-stimulators—break down when exposed to oxygen and UV light.

How much does a facial cost?

$50-$1000 just depends where you live in the USA.

Do facials remove blackheads?

Yes, pimples and blackheads can be removed by someone trained to do them.

Do and don'ts after facial?

Aftercare is as important as the treatment itself, keeping a healthy skin care routine is vital. Evidence shows that sun exposure ages skin. A recent study found that UV-light exposure accounts for 80% of visible facial aging so sunscreen is extremely important. Drink plenty of water to remove toxins. Keep your skin moisturized.